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Apple announces via Twitter, it would hold a special event today, Dec. 2, in New York City, where it would honor their favorite 2019 games and apps. Nevertheless, based on the Twitter post, it is not clear if the company is making any announcement or if it is facilitating the games' and apps' developers. The invitation's tagline (by Apple) says, "Loved by Millions. Created by the Best." 

The tagline further stated, "Join us for an Apple special event honoring our favorite apps and games of 2019." This Twitter post by Lance Ulanoff of Lifewire Tech features a gold-colored logo of the App Store. As reported on CNBC, this special event by Apple is set to be held this afternoon. Typically, an Apple event is mostly live-streamed. It is not known, though, whether the company is also live-streaming today's event. 

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Apple Event No Further Update and Details

Aside from the twitter post, there are no other updates and details regarding the Dec. 2 special event of Apple on the company's website. Typically, the iPhone and iPad maker organizes the Apple Design Awards for the facilitation of its best-looking mobile apps and even games. However, today's event seems to be taking place for the first time. The company appears discreet about the details that it does not give any further updates.

The only information confirmed is that Apple is set to exhibit its favorite 2019 games and apps. Previously, the company already announced for its "apps of the year" but not by being a host of a press event. Instead, it came out with newsroom posts and press releases. As online news site NBC noted, Apple is not possibly to reveal any of its products in today's event. However, it would announce it has some new developments lined up for 2020. 

New Developments for Apple for 2020

As mentioned, although the Dec. 2 event is not meant for the announcement or launch of new products, Apple shares the latest developments happily. Though, for the coming year, these include iPhone SE 2, an all-new series of iPhones with 5G support, and a new iPad Pro featuring module-backing Augment Reality (AR) experiences.

Earlier on, the tech giant was reported to host an October event to reveal its line of products. The company, formerly led by Steve Jobs, announced though, through press releases, the future release of its new 16-inch MacBook Pro and AirPods Pro that features support for active noise cancellation. The MacBook Pro has up to 80% performance, featuring the latest 8-core processors and up to 64 GB memory. 

Previously, Apple has also shown interest in hardware products, as well as services to offer its growing number of customers. In March, the company also announced new offerings like the Apple News+, Apple TV+, and the Apple Arcade to augment its profits from services. Moreover, the company is also encouraging the developers of apps towards technology like the AR, artificial intelligence or AI, and the so-called machine learning to boost the portfolio of the App Store against what Google has been offering to Android users. 

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