Google Pixel 3a
(Photo : Ivana Rohadi on Flickr)

Do you have a plan to replace the mobile phone you are currently using? What will you do with it once you've found a replacement? Your answer to the first question may be 'yes,' but you haven't figured out yet what to do with your existing cellphone. Well, the best thing to do is to sell it. Tech experts say that an individual who owns a mobile device must always look forward to selling the phone he or she is currently using, as mobile phones typically lose more than 4% of their value each month. Now that you've decided to buy a new one, you are certainly going for an upgrade. Google's Pixel 3a is probably an excellent choice for a replacement for your existing mobile device.

When it comes to mobile phones, there has not been a year like this year, in a while. Between the 'foldable' introduction and the 5G technologies' rollout, 2019, according to an article posted on Engadget, was not just another year of convenient repetition for phone makers. Instead, it envisions the introduction of gadgets that are possible to describe the "the space moving forward, but none more so than the humble Pixel 3a."

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Prices Worthy of their Specs and Features

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are priced at $400and $480, respectively. What makes them pervasive is that they took away one of the most recent points of the differentiation of hardware between mid-range and high- phones. While the other specs and features such as the high-resolution screens, as well as the fingerprint sensors, have shown up in cheaper devices, built-in cameras that don't capture blurry pictures, or "become a noisy mess as the night false have stubbornly stayed the expensive phones' domain.

At a first look, there is nothing impressive at all about the camera of a Pixel 3a. It does not have the dual- and triple-camera ranges of the majority of the other mid- to high-end phones introduced last year. Additionally, the Pixel 3a is not as flexible. Neither does it capture the most detailed shots with a lower-resolution sensor compared to the competitors. However, what this device is technically lacking, is that it makes up for becoming among the most consistent camera phones a user can get for the price.

3-Year Platform and Security Updates

Google recently said it would furnish the 3a with three years of a platform on top of the security updates. In addition, the company updates this device and its other more expensive phones on the same day. Before the Pixel 3a, the kind of software support was unnoticed in terms of the mid-range Android phone. That type of software support is probably even more meaningful on affordable mobile phones than it is on the expensive ones since it helps to extend the life of the device further, which eventually "saves more money over time." 

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