Activity Tracking on Apple Watch
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From its launch, the Apple Watch has slowly turned from the half-cooked fitness tracker that took in iPhone notifications to its wearer's writs, into completely capable workout partner with wireless connectivity and health features formerly reserved for an extravagant medical tool. There's even a chance that this trendy watch, combined with an app, can help avoid strokes.

Not known to many, Apple Watch can do more than just a tool that can keep tabs on one's health. If you are a new owner of this smartwatch, it is important to know that you can install apps, talk check sports scores, talk to Siri by simply raising your wrist, send messages or even triage your inbox from a small screen. It may be crazy to think about how powerful an Apple Watch is, even if you haven't used its full function.

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5 Things Apple Watch can Do to You

Before taking full advantage of your new Apple Watch, learn the basics first. For instance, make sure the software is updated. Learn how to use the walkie-talkie feature and feel a la spy, to learn more about the features that are difficult to understand and follow. Above all, your Apple Watch can be your health tracker. Here are things you should know about, do with, and learn about an Apple Watch.

  1. Have the watch updated. After you have your watch unboxed, pair it to the iPhone you're using. You surely want to guarantee it is running WatchOS' latest version to be sure you can take full advantage of the smartwatch features.
  2. Notifications are the key features of this smartwatch, and these are features any owner would want to know how to tame. Notifications can, most of the time, be overwhelming, especially when the wearer's wrist keeps on vibrating and beeping for each Instagram direct or Facebook like and message.
  3. Apple Watch is waterproof. Therefore, you can swim without taking it off, although the model you should wear is the newer Apple Watch version. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to read all the information that comes with the package, especially if you are planning to swim with the watch. 
  4. This smartwatch is your perfect fitness partner. Starting with the WatchOS 5, the Apple Watch can already auto-detect specific workouts like Yoga for one, store music for exercise from your favorite music streaming service on the particular Apple Watch itself.
  5. The WatchOS 6, released in September, also features a new hearing health monitor that traces the noise level around you. This will also let you know all the risks of damage to your hearing. Hearing health, WatchOS 6 was released in September and added a new hearing health feature that monitors the noise level of your environment and will let you know if there's a risk of damage to your hearing. You'll be sent notifications each time the decibel "level reaches 90 decibels."

WatchOS 6 features Activity Trends, which you can view on your iPhone. This feature can compare your progress for the last 90 days to your progress in the previous 90 days to your progress over the previous 365 days to see if your trends have improved. 

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