Dr DisRespect Says He Loves Escape From Tarkov, but he has some qualms about the game's audio design
(Photo : Battlestate Games)

Dr DisRespect has recently picked up Escape from Tarkov, playing it on his Twitch channel. However, he has one gripe about the game that he couldn't just let go of.

Gifts For Views

Twitch offers a powerful feature for developers to showcase their games in the form of Twitch drops. In-game items become acquirable just by watching a live stream of the game on the platform. This incentivizes owners of the game and fans of streamers to try convince the streamers to try out the game. This, in turn, helps the game get more players when it gets exposed by the streamer pushing through trying out the game.

The latest game to successfully use this feature to their advantage is Escape From Tarkov. Since Dec. 30, 2019 until Jan. 5, Escape From Tarkov and Twitch has a New Year's Gift campaign going on. Twitch users who also own the game could earn in-game items just by watching streamers on the platform play Escape From Tarkov.

Many of these users urged Dr DisRespect to try out the game, which led to the popular streamer to play it on his stream. He has since grown fond of the game, even saying that he loves Escape From Tarkov.

Love To Improve

However, Dr DisRespect also has something to say about the game that he thinks is its one big weakness: its audio.

As a multiplayer game, players could use their headphones and mics to communicate with each other in-game. However, Dr DisRespect laments on the unrealistic nature of the game's audio design, something that his fans are used to him talking about across the different games he has played in the past.

"You would probably be able to hear me at the silos all the way over there," Dr DisRespect comments. "That's about 350 yards away. They definitely would hear me, and that would be sick. Think about that level of proximity chat in the game."

Real-life measurements don't always get translated well in-game, the audio design included. It's customary for games only to allow players to communicate with people around a certain radius of their own position, regardless of how loud they would have been speaking over the audio.

Dr DisRespect says that had developers only paid more attention to audio design, it would unlock the full potential of games.

About Escape From Tarkov

The game Dr DisRespect plays right now is an online multiplayer tactical shooter game, developed and published by Battlestate games. The player is trapped inside a fictional war-torn city in Northwestern Russia, either by working with one of the game's two main factions or as an independent looter, called a Scav.

The game was first released in Closed Beta in August 2016. Streamers picked the game up for the first time when the developers lifted the NDA in March 2017. Currently only available through their website, Escape From Tarkov is also planned to be released on the Steam platform upon its full release.

Escape From Tarkov will be on sale until the Twitch Campaign ends for 25% off.

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