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It's been a tradition to have fossils in every mainline Pokémon game, and Sword and Shield is no exception to this rule. With Pokémon Sword and Shield out for some time, more casual players are probably looking to complete the Galarian Pokedex. We're here to help you get some of the ones you can't get, specifically this game's Fossil Pokémon.

If you're wondering if Fossil Pokémon in Sword and Shield are version exclusive, don't worry. Unlike some previous games, you'll be able to get all Fossil Pokémon regardless if you got Sword or Shield.

Acquiring Fossils

If you need a guaranteed way of getting some fossils, make your way to the Pokémon Center in Stow-on-Side. Inside, there's a couple of NPCS standing next to a table. Talk to them, and they should give you two fossils. Now depending on your game version, the NPCs will give you a different set of fossils. If you're playing on Sword, you'll get two Fossilized Bird fossils, while those playing on Shield will get two Fossilized Drake fossils. Don't fret, though, as you'll be able to get the other fossil types later on. Continuing talking to the NPCs won't get you any more fossils, though, as they'll only give you advice related to Fossil Pokémon.

Those fossils won't be revived straight away to a Pokémon, however. They're only one-half of the pieces needed. To revive a Fossil Pokémon, you'll need another, different half.

You can get these Fossils by talking to the Digging Duo brothers, who are located in the Wild Area near the Pokémon Nursery. The two brothers can both dig out fossils. However, the chance is higher when digging with the Skill brother. The stamina brother, however, nets you more items, but digging a particular Fossil is much rarer.

Now depending on your game version, the brothers will easily dig your fossils of a particular type but can sometimes dig the Fossil that's common to the other version. If you're playing on Sword, Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino fossils are much common. For those on Shield, Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish are easier to find. Remember that it is only easier to find said fossils to their corresponding game version. It is possible to dig a Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino on Shield, and Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish on Sword, but the chances will be much lower. You'll just have to spend some time digging.

If you're not the type to dig, you can also find some fossils in the Wild Area of the Dusty Bowl. But these are quite limited.

Reviving Fossils

Once you have a pair of fossils, you can take them to the professor that's located on Route 6. She can be found near the exit going towards Stow-on-Side. There's a tent right next to her that you can fast travel to, so she shouldn't be too difficult to find. Once you talk to her, she'll ask you to give her two different fossils. The Pokémon you'll receive depends on the combination you give her.

Fish Fossil + Drake Fossil = Dracovish (Water/Dragon)

Bird Fossil + Drake Fossil = Dracozolt (Electric/Dragon)

Fish Fossil + Dino Fossil = Arctovish (Water/Ice)

Bird Fossil + Dino Fossil = Arctozolt (Electric/Ice)

As you can see, each Fossil represents a Pokémon type. Drake Fossils give Dragon-type, Fish Fossils give Water-type, Bird Fossils give Electric-type, and Dino Fossil gives Ice-type.

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