Who is excited about the new Apple iPhone 12? Tech experts say almost everyone in the tech scene! Are you an iPhone fan? Let us know in the comments section; because today we will not only talk about some of the upcoming iPhone 2020's features; but also the redesign. Well, at least the rumors about them and the possibilities!

Tech savvies observe that Apple is never in a rush to redesign the iPhone line. The iPhone 12 lines of 2020 are rumored to be reverting back to the 2014 aesthetics, which Apple changed for their 2017, 2018, and 2019 designs. With this, lots of tech insiders and iPhone fans expect a new design every three years - and 2020 marks that year! Although hardcore iPhone fans will buy each and every new release every year although they look almost the same even if they shell out thousands of dollars for each one. This says a lot about iPhone's support base - as tech experts put it.

2014 aesthetics mean that they will be ditching the present curved and smooth design for a sharper and boxier aesthetic. This reminds us of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, which consumers loved so much. This nostalgic redesign is said to be possibly very welcome to hardcore iPhone fans, especially to those who grew up with the older iPhone versions.

Now let's ramp it up a notch and take it up to eleven!

Let's talk about the notch which we had up to the iPhone 11 (got the pun? Ha!). It's been three years from iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and iPhone 11pro since Apple introduced us to the notch at the top of their devices. According to experts, many users find that as an eyesore and hope that the new iPhone 12 will mark the end of this design. But Phone Arena warns us not to get our hopes up since the new 2020 iPhone 12 will certainly have a face ID feature. Although rumors pop up that we might see miniaturized top bezel; it will most realistically be just a smaller notch and a slightly thinner bezels around the display.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Time to talk about the camera. iPhone 11 pro series gave us a triple camera setup for wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto cameras. For the iPhone 12, it is rumored to add the fourth camera. This camera is stated to be a time flight camera, so you won't actually be able to take pictures with it. This will function solely to measure depth - this is predicted to find lots of interesting applications along the way like AR and video portrait mode.

This Facebook screenshot (credits to post) reveals the four cameras that the iPhone 12 is rumored to have.

Iphone 12 4 cameras
(Photo : facebook screenshot)
iphone 12 new redesign with 4 cameras

Let's talk about speed

First, the internet speed. Most rumors have talked about how iPhone 12 would come prepared with 5g connectivity. But some analysts state that we will not be seen 5g on the iPhone until 2021. But all is not lost - what they agree on is that the new iPhones will come prepared with another type of "speed" that everyone loves, and that is high refresh rate screens! Tech analysts say we should not be surprised to see 120-hertz screens for the iPhone 12, which is very competitive to what Android phones have to offer.

Now that you've heard about the redesign possibilities for the iPhone 12 - tell us what you think! Did this list of redesign features leave you wanting to buy an upcoming iPhone? If not, tell us why down in the comments section! Stay tuned for more tech updates, and bookmark the site, share the news to your friends by using one of our social share buttons! Have a great 2020!

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