Top Family Friendly Games on VR 2019
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VR doesn't just have to be for adults, the whole family can enjoy s well!

Considered part of the top family-friendly VR games in 2019 are games which are friendly to all ages and at the same time inclusive and entertaining to other members of the family. The world of videogames has many different selections but mostly cater to adults. Although VR was just recently released, there have been such an amazing selection of games which makes the VR a fun platform to use.

Here are the Top Family Friendly Games on VR 2019:

1.       Acron: Attack of the Squirrels

A great way to include the family without having to have multiple VRs, this game lets everyone in the room play even with just their own smartphones! Making use of its fun and cool graphics, this game brings kids into the nutty world of squirrels as they enjoy both the graphics and the gameplay.

2.       Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Definitely part of our list, the most entertaining and addictive game ever! Angry Birds is popular for not just their cute graphics but also because of how this game draws as further in to chase perfection! With an instant restart, you won't just get enough and just might end up playing level by level until you finally finish the whole game! This game is friendly to people of all ages and is a great way to teach kids about estimations.

3.       BOGO

As funny as it sounds, this game could actually be a way for your kid to enjoy having a pet without you having to clean up the mess! This game gives you a chance to take care of and play with a cute virtual pet! Imagine your kid having loads of fun taking care of their cute little pet while you won't have to worry too much about taking care of a real pet if you are not yet ready?

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Top Family Friendly Games on VR 2019
(Photo : Screenshot From Official Facebook Page)
The Oculus Quest is one of the best gaming platforms for the whole family!
4.       The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

For kids of younger ages, this game is a great start! Not only does this game slowly introduce kids to VR, this game is also educational and teaches valuable lessons as well as develop basic skills in your kids while having so much fun at the same time! Getting too serious with learning sometimes is not that effective with children but putting the fun back in learning, they will probably hop on right away!

5.       Half + Half

This paeticular entry that made it to our top family-friendly VR games  helps your child develop virtual social skills as they learn to make friends within the game! The wacky graphics and right body languages are being utilized to make this game even more entertaining. If your kid can not go outside that often, a great way to help them make friends is through online multiplayer games!

6.       Spiderman: Far From Home VR

Now who could say no to Spiderman!? Be the hero your kids want you to be by bringing home this game! Everybody loves Spiderman but being able to play him in VR? Well, that takes everything to a whole new level!

Hope you find our list of  top family-friendly VR games  useful. 

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