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New Oculus VR Headset On The Way: Jump Into Virtual Reality With The $200 Oculus Go

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Oculus Go, a $200 standalone virtual reality headset that looks to attract more people to the technology. Oculus also provided more details on Santa Cruz, its next-generation headset that is in the prototype stage.

Wearable Tech October 12, 2017

Oculus Rift And Touch Controller Drop To $399 For Limited Time, $200 Off Regular Price

Facebook has kicked off an attractive summer sale, slashing $200 off the price of the Oculus Rift with Touch controller. The bundle is temporarily available at $399 starting Monday, July 10.

Gadgets July 10, 2017

Sorry, But Your Oculus Rift Won’t Work On Macs Anytime Soon, Says Cofounder

The cofounder of Oculus has confirmed that Mac support for Oculus Rift headsets isn’t in the company’s roadmap, so don’t expect it anytime soon. But the idea shouldn’t be scrapped entirely, too.

Wearable Tech March 3, 2017

Oculus Drops Price Of Entry Into VR: Oculus Rift And Touch Controllers Bundle Now Only $598

Oculus has permanently dropped the price of the Oculus Rift headset and the Oculus Touch controllers, with the bundle now only $598. The company has been working to drive down the high cost of entry into virtual reality.

Wearable Tech March 1, 2017

Zenimax Wants Oculus Rift Sales Stopped: Will Facebook Be Forced Into A Settlement?

After being awarded $500 million in the copyright infringement case with Oculus VR, Zenimax is now seeking an injunction stop sales of the Oculus Rift headset. If the request is granted, it would be a huge blow to Facebook.

Wearable Tech February 25, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Oculus Research Lab, Shows Off VR Gloves For Drawing, Typing, And Web-Slinging

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid a visit to the Oculus Research Lab in Redmond, Washington. In one of the photos that he uploaded, Zuckerberg can be seen trying out what looks like a prototype for virtual reality gloves.

Gadgets February 10, 2017

Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR Founder, Testifies In Court: 'I Didn't Take Confidential Code'

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR, had his day in court and denied ZeniMax’s claim that he stole the code used to create the Oculus Rift headset.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2017

Facebook Bought Oculus For $3 Billion, Not $2 Billion: Zuckerberg Discloses Acquisition Details In Trial

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that the virtual reality startup Palmer Luckey had founded, Oculus Rift, was actually purchased for $3 billion. The company is currently facing allegations by ZeniMax’s over its intellectual property.

Business Tech January 18, 2017

Xbox One Owners Can Stream Games In VR Via The Oculus Rift Starting December

Owners of the Xbox One can now stream games directly to the Oculus Rift, but bear in mind that while this is done in VR, the games are not VR games. They are played in a type of theater mode similar to how one would watch a movie.

Video Games November 24, 2016

Preorders For Oculus Touch Motion Controllers Now Up: Bundle Priced At $199, Shipping Out By Dec. 6

Preorders for the Oculus Touch have now been opened with a price tag of $199. The bundle for the motion controllers will include two games, and will begin shipping by Dec. 6.

Gadgets October 11, 2016

Facebook And Oculus Go Beyond The VR Headset

Oculus Rift is not just a headset - it's an important aspect of a platform Facebook is creating to woo developers and media content creators. Facebook and Oculus are planning to spend another $250 million in VR development.

Gadgets October 8, 2016

Oculus Touch Controllers Have A Hefty Price Tag In The UK: How Much Will They Cost In The US?

The store display of Game in the UK revealed that the forthcoming Oculus Touch will cost 190 pounds, or about $247. Oculus has yet to make an official announcement regarding the VR device's release and pricing once it ships to the U.S.

Wearable Tech September 22, 2016

Oculus Rift Preorders In Europe And Canada Start Today: Where To Buy The VR Headset

Oculus Rift preorders have now started in Europe and Canada. A number of retailers in the UK, Germany and more will offer the VR headset, which will hit the shelves on Sept. 20.

Wearable Tech August 16, 2016

No More Shipping Delays: Oculus Rift Preorders Are Finally Shipped

Oculus announced all Rift headsets that were preordered have all been shipped, with new orders arriving to consumers within two to four business days starting this week.

Gadgets July 13, 2016

Facebook Users Can Now Use Reactions In Virtual Reality For 360-Degree Videos

Oculus began rolling out the ability for Gear VR users to use Facebook Reactions when watching 360-degree videos in virtual reality on Wednesday.

Internet June 23, 2016

VR Game 'Fated: The Silent Oath' Officially Launches On Steam And Oculus

'Fated: The Silent Oath' is a premiere first-person virtual reality action adventure game. The title unveiled an official trailer and promised compatibility with multiple VR headsets, such as Oculus and more.

Video Games May 16, 2016

Oculus Hits Milestone, Reaches 1 Million Mark Of Samsung Gear VR Users

After reaching 1 million Gear VR users, Oculus believes the number will push developers to create more content for the platform.

Wearable Tech May 12, 2016

Wevr's New Transport Platform Opens Up Brave New World Of VR To Creators And Fans

Game developer Tyler Hurd, who created a reactive VR music video experience around Future Islands’ synthpop ditty 'Old Friend' for the HTC Vive, is one of a new wave of digital artists who are being tapped to expand the content side of the VR market.

Wearable Tech April 25, 2016

'S.E.N.S.' Is First-Ever Graphic Novel To Get VR Treatment

French game developer Red Corner has developed a VR game based on comics artist Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s 'S.E.N.S.,' a popular graphic novel set in a shape-shifting monochrome landscape in which the only rule is to follow the arrows.

Wearable Tech April 15, 2016

Oculus Rift's Terms Of Service Reveals Information Is Sent Back To Facebook

A closer look at the Oculus Rift's Terms of Service shows that it has the right to collect user information and send it to third-party companies like Facebook for marketing purposes.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2016

Oculus Rift Shipping Delays Due to Component Shortage: Apology, Refund And More

Oculus finally responds to customers worried over Rift shipments. The shipping delay and silence were due to a component shortage.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2016

First Unit Of Oculus Rift Ships Out, Deliveries Begin March 28

The first unit of the much-awaited VR headset has started shipping out to Kickstarter backers of the project. The delivery will start on Monday.

Wearable Tech March 26, 2016

Oculus Rift Getting Immersive Deep Space Experience On Launch Day With Frontier's 'Elite Dangerous' Space Simulation Game [Video]

Oculus and Frontier unveiled that the commended 'Elite Dangerous' title will get Oculus Rift support from day one. The game has multiple attractive points, but cross-platform support is one of the strongest.

Video Games March 11, 2016

Samsung Gear VR Goes Social With Oculus Social Games, Trivia And More

Oculus adds in a lot of ways for social interaction in virtual reality. Samsung Gear VR users will now be able to play trivia and adventure games together with friends.

Apps/Software March 10, 2016

Some Oculus Rift Preorders Get Abruptly Canceled, But Company Says It's Only 'A Small Number'

Oculus Rift customers are nervously checking their emails as the company announced that some of them will not receive their gadget. The company underlined that 'a small number' of preorders were cancelled and explained why.

Gadgets February 23, 2016

Oculus VR Announces Rift-Ready PC Bundles, Preorder Starts On Feb. 16

Details of Oculus-ready PC bundles are out, ranging from $1,499 to over $3,000. Starting on Feb. 16, virtual reality enthusiasts will be able to preorder them via Best Buy, Amazon or the Microsoft Store.

Computers February 10, 2016

Oculus VR’s John Carmack Working On Position Tracking For Samsung Gear VR

Oculus VR chief technology officer John Carmack revealed that he is working on position tracking for the Gear VR. The feature will allow users to move around in real life while moving within virtual reality environments.

Video Games February 9, 2016

Palmer Luckey Is Working On A Beast Of A PC With Propane Cooling

Palmer Luckey revealed in Reddit AMA that he is currently working on a new PC that will use liquid propane as a primary cooling component. The statement led some Reddit users to comment on the possible dangers brought by mishandling liquid propane.

Computers January 13, 2016

Have $1,600 To Spare? You Can Buy A New Alienware Gaming PC With Oculus Rift

PC gamers can now enjoy VR gaming on their machines with the latest offered gaming bundle from Oculus and Alienware. Oculus will reportedly slash $200 off its VR headset priced originally at $600, while Alienware and Dell PCs will both have a starting price of $1,199.

Computers January 8, 2016

Palmer Luckey Explains Oculus Rift Price Confusion, Apologizes For 'Messaging Poorly': Reddit AMA

Oculus has let everyone know that Rift VR headset costs $600, and it caused quite a stir. Palmer Luckey, Oculus CEO, apologized for the confusing pricing info and explained the hefty sum in an AMA session on Reddit.

Wearable Tech January 7, 2016

VR Market Forecast To Top $70B By 2020: TrendForce

TrendForce stated that the VR market can grow to $70 billion by 2020. The value computed the revenue from both hardware devices and software apps and services, but other research firms disagree with the prediction.

Money December 8, 2015

The NFL Says The Future Of Watching Football Is Virtual Reality

The 'NFL Next' digital video series will zero in on how technology is revolutionizing football, sparking concepts such as a $10 virtual Super Bowl seat to the overall virtual reality enhancement of the viewing experience for fans.

November 3, 2015

Audible Brings Popular Horror Comic 'Locke & Key' To Life In VR Experience At New York Comic Con 2015

Audible presented 'Bode's Echo,' a virtual reality experience based on the comic series 'Locke & Key' by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, at New York Comic Con 2015.

Geek October 12, 2015

Watch Seinfeld From Jerry’s Own Living Room? Hulu’s Virtual Reality App Will Let You Do That Starting November

Hulu CEO Tim Connolly announced that the company’s virtual reality app is making its way to the new Samsung Gear VR in November.

October 10, 2015

‘Minecraft’ Getting Virtual Reality Treatment, Will Come To The Oculus Rift And Gear VR In 2016

Oculus revealed that the popular world-building game will be one of the first games to be made available for the Oculus Rift when it launches into the mainstream market in early 2016.

Video Games September 28, 2015

Nvidia Packs Desktop Gaming Graphics Into New Laptops With GeForce GTX 980 That Supports Oculus Rift

Nvidia announced its new graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980, which will provide the same quality of graphics as desktops and will support Oculus Rift.

Video Games September 22, 2015

Report: Facebook Has A Virtual Reality Video App In The Works

Facebook is imagining a future of 360-degree videos that could very well be supported by the company's own virtual reality app.

Gadgets September 17, 2015

Open Source Virtual Reality Headset Hacker Development Kit Will Be Available For Preorder On Oct. 1

A new Hacker Development Kit for the Open Source Virtual Reality headset will become available for preorders for developers who aim to dabble in the world of VR.

Wearable Tech September 5, 2015

GE Neuro VR Oculus App Lets Users Explore The Mind Of A Musician

GE in collaboration with VR creative studio Kite & Lightning debuted its new Oculus app that lets viewers explore the mind of musician Reuben Wu.

Apps/Software September 2, 2015

Adidas Takes European Mobile Fitness Startup Runtastic Under Its Wing

The Austrian fitness-tracking startup Runtastic has joined the ranks of adidas Group - with a $239 million deal in tow.

Deals August 5, 2015

Oculus Outs Virtual Reality Movie About Lonely Hedgehog Named 'Henry'

The second virtual reality film from Oculus Story will tug at your heartstrings, that is if you’ll be lucky enough to watch it.

July 29, 2015

Mythos & Moxie: Building Virtual Worlds At A VR Hackathon

About a hundred students, programmers and media artists gave up a perfect beach weekend to gather on the Greenwich Village campus of NYU and take part in a virtual reality hackathon. The theme of the event was 'Mythos & Moxie,' and the objective was to use VR technology to tell compelling stories.

Wearable Tech July 16, 2015

Facebook’s Oculus Buys Gesture Control Firm Pebbles

Oculus VR has made its sixth acquisition since being bought out by Facebook in March 2014. The Israeli-based Pebbles Interfaces builds gesture control technology integrated with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Video Games July 16, 2015

Getty Releasing VR Images For Oculus Rift

Getty Images is releasing a collection of 360-degree immersive virtual reality photos for Oculus Rift. The images will transport users to events around the globe, from the Oscars to the World Cup.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

Oculus: Virtual Sex? No. Virtual Violence? Hmmm...

Oculus VR says it won't distribute porn via the Oculus Rift's digital store. The Oculus Home store will be curated, much like the digital stores ran by Amazon and Apple.

Wearable Tech June 15, 2015

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