(Photo : Screenshot From GTA V Facebook Page)

The thing gamers love about Rockstar aside from the stellar gameplays and actual plots is the attention Rockstar gives to detail which is definitely present in Grand Theft Auto V details. With insane intricacies and small additions that make every single game special, Rockstar has done it again with Grand Theft Auto V!

Every single game Rockstar releases has a certain charm of its own and this is very true for Grand Theft Auto V. Here are some of the details you may have missed:

Eight Grand Theft Auto V Details You May Have Missed
(Photo : Screenshot From GTA V Facebook Page)
GTA V has many interesting details you may have missed.

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1.       Do not mess with the store clerks

Aside from all the crime going on in the GTA franchise, there are certain unexpected consistencies given it be an open world video game. One of these is that if you rob a certain store multiple times, they will actually remember your face and even call upon the police to wait for you as you reenter the store!

2.       Who said what?

The hard part about having to replay missions is listening to the same dialogue again and again which is something the GTA V campaign has deviated from. Some missions allow you to play with multiple characters and this is what changes the whole dialogue. If you pick a different character when you replay the mission, the dialogue will change as well giving you a different perspective on the mission.

3.       Compliments on your customizing

Ever customized your car in the previous GTA games and had no one notice? Well, NPCs now pay great attention to detail and give you compliments as you ride by.

4.       Angry friends send texts

With three different characters, you can expect three different personalities as well and they sometimes clash with each other. If you have played this game long enough and decide to shoot at one of the other character's homes, you will hilariously receive an angry text telling you to cut it out!

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5.       Social media is catching up

Everyone is on social media which makes Grand Theft Auto V quite interesting because of LifeInvader. LifeInvader acts as a personal Facebook within the game and you can find some shocking updates from both major and minor characters throughout the story!

6.       Michael's keypad phone

Everything in GTA V looks up to date but in the prologue robbery mission with Michael, Trevor, and Brad, you will find that Michael uses a keypad phone as it is more appropriate to the time of the robbery.

7.        Trevor has his own favorite channel

Aside from all the guns and blazing glory, if you have noticed, Trevor loves listening to one channel, Channel X! Whether you start with a different Channel or not, you will find Trevor changing it to Channel X later on.

8.        Michael's problematic relationship

Drama has been following Michael throughout the game especially with Michael's marriage. If you are ever interested to know more about Michael and Amanda's relationship, you can ask Amanda out and pay close attention to the dialogue. Grand Theft Auto V has a very personal touch because of this addition.

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