A new Star Wars game is on its way according to rumors released by MakingStarWars.net and Ziro.hu, which will tackle the newer extension of the L.Universe this 2021. Project luminous is about the post Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and many fans will surely get excited to know what happens next!

Star Wars has a new era on its way

Announced last October 2019 at the New York Comic-Con, project luminous will be put to work. Although there is no specific release date, Star Wars fans from across the galaxy cannot help but be excited about anything that expands the whole Star Wars Universe.

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The Force is saying that 2021 will Bring Us a New Star Wars Game!
(Photo : Screen Shot From Star Wars Official Facebook Page)
Star wars new game in 2021

A New Collection of Star Wars

With possibly new books and a video game, everything might even lead to a new Star Wars series. The franchise can be seen to last for quite a while, even after the most recent movie. After the success of the last movie, rumors are that the team has decided to make sure that fans will not be disappointed with the end of Star Wars. Improving visual quality and unfolding new discoveries about the whole Star Wars universe, we can expect the new game to be even better than the ones we have played before.

More about Project Luminous, the new Star Wars Project

Announced to only a handful of authors, we can see works coming in the future with the tagline: "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. Until... PROJECT LUMINOUS, 2020."

The best thing about Project Luminous is that it will take place three to four hundred years way before the Skywalker saga to a time called "The High Republic" Era. With games and talk of additional movies on the way, we can anticipate a busy couple of years for Star Wars. Reportedly to be released in 2021, we have the whole year to prepare for the coming of a whole new Star Wars saga.

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Where the rumors of the new Star Wars game came from

A Hungarian fansite called Ziro.hu has reportedly given the information about the new Star Wars game to come this 2021, and although the development of this game is still a mystery, it looks like EA will be the one leading this project, but that depends on the video game license by Disney.

The new films can be quite expected, but a new video game was something fans did not really expect following the successful release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Will Disney be able to satisfy fans with Project Luminous, or will we all be disappointed? Only the force can tell. The new Star Wars game may be rumors for now, but fans can sense something good is coming. 

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