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Countdown T minus and counting, watch the live feed global broadcast when history for humanity on our attempt to connect the world like never before. Now SpaceX sets the stage up to launch 60 Starlink Satellites to help the connection of the planet by giving fast-paced internet across the globe

The schedule for Liftoff is 9:49 a.m. EST (1449 GMT)

SpaceX satellite internet

SpaceX wants people to be able to access fast-paced internet by connecting to their low Earth orbit satellites and it's said to be as easy as connecting to a terminal the size of a laptop to be able to use. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX mentioned that they will need about 400 Starlink satellites to provide "minor" internet coverage and about double that to provide "moderate" coverage. Imagine how many more flights that have to be successful in order for us to be connected. This is something very achievable with his vast resources and his drive for innovation and technology.

Watch the launch HERE 15 minutes before lunch courtesy of SpaceX. 

How much will SpaceX Starlink cost? 

The company will need to launch 24 more missions like this to properly give the desired connection people will need in order for mass consumers. No word as to how much this will cost yet but be sure that it will be worth it given the length of the endeavor. 

Some people however in the scientific field are concerned about the launches since it may affect crucial scientific observations from space. In line with this, SpaceX has gone so far as to experiment in different coatings for their satellites as not to interfere with what Astronomers are worried about.

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SpaceX: What are They all About

Founded way back in 2002, the private company, SpaceX is a leader of space engineering. They design, manufacture, and launch said rockets. The company's ultimate goal is to enable people to live in other planets which, is a very optimistic idea and soon due to their efforts and many more companies like them might be a reality in the near future.

Founded by real-life Iron Man himself, Elon Musk. His company is now one of the fastest-growing providers for launch services. Over 100 missions to its belt that grossed over $12 billion on contracts alone. Contracts from US government space missions and commercial satellite launches.

This company is based on ever forward goals and shows no signs of stopping. Building on the achievements brought by Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, the company is now looking for ways to build a next-generation fully reusable spacecraft that will carry humans to other destinations in our solar system. Mars is their next aim.

Accomplishments by far:

  • They are the very first privately owned company that successfully brings back a spacecraft from low Earth orbit back in 2010. 

  • Next, they are the only company that successfully transported goods to the International Space Station back in 2012.

On the year 2017, was the only one that achieved the historic first reflight of an orbital class rocket 

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