The Pokemon Sword and Shield Freebies is Up for Grabs!
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It looks like Pokemon Sword and Shield is feeling generous and starting to give away quite an amount of awesome freebies, including some rare Poke Balls and even some Battle Passes! The time to claim these gifts are slowly thinning, and you will have to move fast if you want to take advantage of these awesome freebies.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Freebies to be Claimed

The claiming period for these freebies is only up until Thursday, Jan. 30. Get a hand full of rare Poke Balls along with 20 free Battle Points through the Mystery Gift. There is a corresponding code to the specific freebies you want to redeem, and although you might want to abuse these codes, sadly, you can only use them once.

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Here are the following codes for the following freebies to be claimed:

PRESENT- this code gives you 10 Luxury Balls! Expires on Jan. 30

0T0SH1DAMA- this code gives you 10 Dive Balls! Expires on Jan. 30

G1GANTAMAX- this code gives you 20 Battle Points! Expires on Jan. 30

Take advantage of these codes while they are still active. If you delay on availing these freebies, there might not be enough time to redeem them later on over even worse, you might forget to redeem them!

Here is how to claim your Pokemon Sword and Shield freebies

The first thing you ought to do is to select the Mystery Gift located on your game's menu screen. Once you have clicked Mystery Gift, you will have to select the option where you can receive gifts with a password or code. The above codes can then be input, and the gifts will automatically be added to your inventory! It is not that hard to obtain these gifts, but you have to move fast!

Other possible gifts to avail on Pokemon Sword and Shield

There are a few other freebies to avail aside from the ones mentioned above and through Max Raid events like the one happening right now. Although this ends in January, there is still time to take advantage of these raids to reap the benefits while they are still present. The appearance of Coalossal, Lapras, Flapple, Gigantamax, and Appletun will return to normal this coming Feb. 7 which still gives players time to take advantage of the abundance of these Pokemons

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Two further expansions for Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming

Two expansions are on their way as Nintendo announces that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be met with further additions to the already awesome game. These expansions are said to introduce new areas to explore along with 200 old Pokemons we all used to enjoy just to add to the nostalgia of the whole game in general. Pokemon Sword and Shield seems to be the Pokemon game where Nintendo has dedicated much of its focus towards, and we may see the expansion packs later in the future to really boost the experience of this game.

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