When snipers are not around, all you have to do is head out to the lake or pond, grab a pole, and get a fish. Simple right? Well, there's more to Fortnite than just that.

How Fortnite is different from other games

Multiple features are offered in Fortnite, which easily makes it one of the most interesting games out there. With so much to do within the game itself, it is like experiencing a game within a game. Fortnite: Battle Royale has new challenges coming on, and this keeps players entertained as they try out one thing after another. Most games only offer a straightforward gaming experience, but Fortnite likes to have fun by inserting a few odd possible actions here and there.

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Catching A Fish: Fortnite Hacks for the Fortunate!
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catch a fish on Fortnite!

Fortnite Two new challenges

Fortnite: Battle Royale's new challenges are set to drop soon. There are odd things to be found within the game, and fishing is one of them. Cameo vs. Chic challenges just recently went live and with a preferably mixed location-based mission and also a little combat present. If you aim at finishing everything, you have to be able to pass these new odd tasks.

Where to fish?

If you are asking yourself 'where is the best place to fish,' it is in POI! There is a pond-like part of the river just on the west of the main POI. For the other two, you will be able to find fishing poles inside the barrels, which comes as such a convenience to players. Imagine if you had to travel, explore, or worse, defeat someone just to earn a fishing pole!

Now that it is done to find a secure place and make sure that time is your friend. Since you are going to be a sitting duck, makes sure that the place is less populated and has a smaller risk of you being killed on the spot. Everything in Chapter 2, Season 1 is quite fair, and it would definitely be difficult to get everything done in just one match. Take your time and enjoy it.

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Accomplishing tasks on Fortnite

The eastern edge of the map contains two of these tasks, which are up for completion. The thing about Fortnite is that because of how fun it is, sometimes players even forget about killing each other because of how entertaining every single action is. From building to fishing, Fortnite seems to be a game that provides players the liberty of performing certain tasks that are quite entertaining and even the main focus of other games. Not everything in Fortnite makes sense, but that is why this game is quite entertaining. Get off track and have fun while playing, not just focusing on the score. Most games have become way too competitive, which is why it is nice that certain odd functions are available for people to perform to make them have fun and forget about the competition.

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