The YouTube web interface we have all grown up with will soon be saying goodbye and along with memories of the past. Technological advancements cannot be stopped and so are improvements companies make to their platforms. YouTube had a really straightforward nostalgic approach but it is time for them to upgrade as well.

The YouTube Web Interface We Have Grown Up with Will be Gone by March
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Youtube new web interface

The future of YouTube

YouTube has joined the ranks of internet streaming companies like Netflix and Disney+ by offering a premium service which we can see to improve later on as YouTube grows in that direction. Although some features were already currently existing in the past like the download option, we are still happy that YouTube is offering an easy to use premium account with so many benefits we wished we had all along.

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The history of YouTube

YouTube was available when the internet was still a baby slowly crawling into maturity as YouTube's streaming services grew in popularity as well. Shortly through the maturity face of the internet, YouTube became the main video hosting website which saw lots and lots of users and uploaded personal videos as well as big companies using it as a platform to promote their products.

YouTube content and its worth

YouTube has been consistent in making sure great content is recognized and some might say that the music videos on YouTube slowly killed TV! The convenience of watching a music video on your computer or cellphone slowly phased out the habit of having to watch TV and wait for your favorite music video to play. This was one of the earlier happenings which skyrocketed YouTube to its commercial success.

Now that YouTube is already a known platform for streaming, certain people have worked out the algorithms and have started to turn their content into cash by doing vlogs, reviews, and basically any video that goes trending and hits YouTube's requirements to be a noticed content maker.

YouTube has helped build careers

Aside from the fun and convenience YouTube offers, YouTube has also been very big on supporting good content and creating an opportunity for certain astounding content to be seen by the public. From self-promotion to advocacies, YouTube has become active in movements around the world by hosting content that makes a difference and attracts positive attention.

Say goodbye to the 2017 design

The 2017 design will be having its last hoorah has YouTube upgrades into an even more modern interface this March. YouTube is constantly changing for the better and supplying users with the best platform to enjoy their videos at any time at all as long as there is internet connection.

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The internet has truly revolutionized everything from cinemas to videos, from newspapers to articles, and from letters to emails which showcases that the internet is truly evolving every single day and it is up to companies like YouTube to either evolve or get left behind.


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