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Popular Streamers Get Paid $50,000 Per Hour To Play New Games

According to a report, top streamers who play newly released video games earn up to $50,000 per hour. This marketing method is increasingly growing in popularity as more publishers seek streamers with sizable audiences.

Video Games May 20, 2019

HBO, Adult Swim Shows Might Show Up On Streaming First Before TV

Disney+’s launch this November will no doubt shake up the streaming industry. But WarnerMedia has plans to convince users to pay for a subscription to its own service.

Internet May 14, 2019

Apple Streaming Video Service to Launch Soon

Apple will be inviting Hollywood stars to its upcoming streaming video service launch. The event will be held in its California headquarters at Cupertino, on March 25.

Apple February 16, 2019

An Easier Way To Find Out Where You Can Stream Any Movie

Just Watch helps you find out whether a film or TV show is available to stream somewhere and lets you compare prices. No need to manually look for them on all platforms you’re subscribed to.

Apps/Software December 31, 2018

How To Join The Cord-Cutter Bandwagon And Get Rid Of Cable Forever

Cable is expensive and seemingly inescapable. Streaming is the way to go nowadays, and this guide will help you get started on your cord-cutting journey.

Internet December 29, 2018

Hulu And AT&T Want To Play Ads When You Pause Videos

Hulu and AT&T are cooking up something that might disrupt the entire advertising industry, at least in the context of video streaming. They’re called pause ads, and they’re pretty much self-explanatory.

Internet December 5, 2018

Walmart Is Thinking About Starting A Video Streaming Service To Take On Netflix

You won’t believe which company is trying to become the next Netflix. Walmart — yes, the retail chain — is apparently considering a streaming service that’ll cost less than rival offerings.

Internet July 19, 2018

Popular 'Fortnite' Streamer On Twitch Makes $500,000 Per Month: Here's How He Did It

Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, one of the most popular 'Fortnite' streamers on Twitch, earns about $500,000 per month. The former professional 'Halo' player reveals how he did it, but warns people who may be thinking of switching careers.

Video Games March 20, 2018

Here's Why You Need To Send In Your OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T To Enable HD Streaming

OnePlus just announced a fix for HD streaming on the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, but it's an inconvenient solution that requires you to mail in your phone. However, there's a good reason the company needs to do that.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 25, 2018

YouTube TV Now Available on Apple TV: Here's What You Get

After a delay, YouTube TV is now finally available on Apple TV devices. Here's what it has to offer and for how much.

Apps/Software February 3, 2018

Netflix Price Hike Didn't Matter: Over 8 Million New Subscribers Added In Record-Breaking Q4

Netflix increased its subscription rates in October 2017, but that did not hold back the streaming service from booking a record-breaking quarter. The company added 8.4 million new subscribers in the period and posted a net income of $186 million.

Business Tech January 23, 2018

Blade Wants To Give You The Last PC You'll Ever Need With 'Shadow'

Blade is a French startup that'll give you a reason to stop building PCs at home. It's offering Shadow, a streaming service that'll give you access to a high-end gaming PC via the cloud.

Computers January 5, 2018

Destiny 2 PC Players Banned For Using Third-Party Programs? Bungie Says It's 'Internet BS'

A large number of 'Destiny 2' PC players reported that they have been wrongfully banned from the game for using harmless third-party programs such as Discord. Developer Bungie, however, does not believe the controversy.

Video Games October 26, 2017

Netflix Plans To Spend Even More Money On Content Next Year, Including Both Original And Licensed Programming

Netflix has announced that it will spend $7 billion on content next year, acquiring new programs and creating original ones as well. The company also scoffed at critics who say it overspends.

Business Tech August 18, 2017

Thanks To Free Streaming, Spotify Hits 140 Million Listeners, But How Does This Affect Artists

Spotify's user base has grown to surpass 140 million making it the most popular music streaming service on the market. However, Spotify's success may be having a negative impact on musicians and artists.

Internet June 15, 2017

Taylor Swift Returns To Spotify And Pandora: All 5 Albums Back On All Streaming Services

Taylor Swift has finally returned to Spotify and Pandora, as she has brought all five of her albums back to all music streaming services. According to the singer's management team, the move was made to thank fans for their support.

Celebrities June 9, 2017

Best Streaming Services: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime Video vs YouTube TV

In the world of streaming services, users have plenty of options, but which one is the best? Here's our guide to picking the best streaming service.

Movies/TV Shows June 1, 2017

Facebook Teams Up With ESL To Bring Esports To The Social Media Platform

As hard as it may be to believe, the esports scene has blown up over the last few years. Now, it looks like Facebook is looking to get in on the action.

Business Tech May 20, 2017

Atlus Apologizes For Restrictive 'Persona 5' Video Policy: Limit For Streamers Pushed Back From 7/7 To 11/19

Atlus issued an apology for the draconian video policy that it implemented for 'Persona 5.' The developer has now allowed streamers and content creators to upload videos until Nov. 19 in the RPG's in-game calendar.

Video Games April 27, 2017

Netflix Says Subscribers Have Watched 500 Million Hours Of Adam Sandler On The Streaming Service

Netflix subscribers have clocked in 'half a billion hours' of watching Adam Sandler between December 2015 and now, according to the streaming service's Q1 2017 earnings report.

Movies/TV Shows April 18, 2017

YouTube TV Goes Live: How To Sign Up And What You Need To Know Before You Do

YouTube TV is now live, and here's how to sign up for the streaming service. However, before you do, you might want to read up on a few caveats.

Internet April 6, 2017

Verizon Now Lets Customers Stream TV Data-Free With Its Fios Mobile App

Verizon is now offering data-free streaming for customers that have both Fios and a wireless plan via its Fios Mobile App.

Apps/Software March 10, 2017

BBC And ITV Launch BritBox, The Streaming Service For British Programming

BritBox is a new streaming service launched by BBC Worldwide and ITV that will compete against Acorn TV.

Movies/TV Shows March 7, 2017

Google Play Store March 2017: The New Apps, Music, Movies And TV Shows Available To Download

New titles coming to Google Play in March include the movie 'Rogue One,' the game 'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars,' and music by Ed Sheeran.

Apps/Software March 7, 2017

Stream These Superhero Movies After Watching ‘Logan’ In Theaters

Check out these other Marvel superhero titles to stream after watching Hugh Jackman in ‘Logan.’

Movies/TV Shows March 3, 2017

Crackle March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

New titles coming to Crackle in March include the animated films ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 and 2,’ the original series ‘Snatch,’ and new episodes of ‘SuperMansion.’

Movies/TV Shows March 2, 2017

Sundance Now March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And Series To Stream

New titles being added to Sundance now include the ballet documentary ‘Reset,’ the classic crime film ‘Donnie Brasco,’ and the series ‘Travel Man: 48 Hours In..’

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2017

Shudder March 2017: The Complete List Of New Horror Movies To Stream

New horror movies coming to Shudder in March include 'The Hills Have Eyes 2' and the exclusive 'Always Shine.'

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2017

YouTube Takes On Netflix, Hulu, And Other Streaming Services: Launches On-Demand Service For $35 A Month

YouTube has officially announced plans to launch YouTube TV, its own $35-a-month video-on-demand service. It’ll launch on major U.S. markets in the coming months, with plans to expand to more cities across the country.

Internet March 1, 2017

Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Now: Which Is The Better Gaming Subscription Service?

Microsoft announced a new subscription service for video games. Here’s how Xbox Game Pass compares to Sony’s PS Now.

Video Games February 28, 2017

FandangoNOW March 2017: Stream ‘Sing,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ 'The Bye Bye Man' And More New Movies

New movies available as digital rentals and digital downloads on FandangoNOW in March include the animated film ‘Sing’ and the horror movie ‘The Bye Bye Man.’

Movies/TV Shows February 28, 2017

Where To Stream The 2017 Oscar Award-Winning Movies: ‘Moonlight,’ ‘La La Land’ And More

Big winning movies at the 89th Academy Awards like ‘La La Land,’ ‘Moonlight,’ and ‘Fences’ are available to rent and download. Here’s where to find them.

Movies/TV Shows February 27, 2017

Acorn TV March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Series Being Added

New movies and TV series being added to Acorn TV in March include the documentary ‘Island of Australia’ and Series 19 of ‘Midsomer Murders.’

Movies/TV Shows February 27, 2017

How To Choose The Best Roku For You: Roku Express, Premier And Ultra

Torn about which Roku streaming device to pick? Tech Times compares three Roku player packages to find out which will provide the best TV streaming experience.

Gadgets February 26, 2017

STARZ March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Streaming On The App

New titles available to stream and download on STARZ in March include ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and episodes of ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’

Movies/TV Shows February 24, 2017

Netflix March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Series Being Added And Leaving Instant Streaming

New movies and TV series coming to Netflix in March include “Pete’s Dragon,’ and ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist.’

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2017

Amazon Video And Prime Video March: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Series Available To Stream

New titles being added to Amazon in March include the original movie ‘The Dressmaker’, and season 4 of ‘Orphan Black.’

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2017

FandangoNOW Review: Here's Why It Will Be Your New Favorite Streaming Service

FandangoNOW offers thousands of movies and TV series without the commitment of having a monthly subscription. Here's the pros and cons to streaming and buying digital downloads on this platform.

Movies/TV Shows February 22, 2017

HBO NOW March 2017: The Complete List Of New Movies And TV Series Available To Stream And Leaving

New titles coming to HBO NOW in March include the movie ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ and the documentary ‘Cries from Syria.’

Movies/TV Shows February 21, 2017

How To Stream ‘Big Little Lies’ For Sunday’s Premiere And The Rest Of The Season

Here’s how to stream the premiere of HBO’s limited series ‘Big Little Lies,’ as well as the following six episodes.

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2017

Hulu March 2017: The Complete List of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream And Leaving

New movies and TV shows coming to Hulu in March include ‘Cluesless,’ the original series ‘Harlots’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2017

Lady Gaga Streams And Downloads Leap To Top Of Billboard Charts Following Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga experienced a remarkable sales resurgence following her Super Bowl performance. Both single ‘Million Reasons’ and album ‘Joanne’ leapt into Billboard’s top 5, due to huge download sales increases.

Internet February 17, 2017

Most Couples Are Guilty Of Netflix Cheating

Netflix cheating continues to spread as more couples stream popular series without their partner.

Movies/TV Shows February 13, 2017

How To Watch The 2017 Grammys On TV, Online And On Your Phone

Here’s where to watch the 59th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday on TV, and how to stream it online and mobile.

Movies/TV Shows February 10, 2017

Galentine’s Day Movie Guide: The Titles You Will Love To Stream With Girlfriends

Stream movies like ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ and series like ‘The Affair’ during your Galentine’s Day celebration with girlfriends.

Movies/TV Shows February 8, 2017

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