The struggle is real on Mondays. Whether you spent the weekend on the couch binging on Netflix or out on the town, by Sunday night we are all dreading Monday morning. No amount of coffee can perk you up as you hit the snooze button and pretend for a second the morning has not yet again fallen upon us. Let's face it, you've got a bad case of Monday blues. 

The start of the workweek brings with it unwanted stress and anxiety related to the tasks ahead, yet Mondays are often one of the least productive days of the week for us. The day is often reserved for setting up the week ahead, catching up on emails—and nursing weekend hangovers. 

Luckily, there are ways to shake away the Monday blues. While it will never be our favorite day of the week, this guide will help make Mondays more manageable. 

Get Some Sleep

On the weekends when we don't catch up on sleep, Mondays can make us feel drained before the week has even begun. To avoid feeling exhausted in the morning, make sure to go to bed a bit earlier on Sunday so you wake up refreshed. That means unplugging early so you are not preoccupied browsing the Internet from bed.

Get Up Early

While we may want to get that extra five minutes of beauty rest, it's better to rise a bit earlier. Take the extra time for yourself so you can get to work and grab coffee—without feeling like you are rushing. Since the early bird gets the worm, you might as well rise even earlier and start your day off with a burst of energy by fitting in an early morning workout. Exercising will increase feel-good vibes so you start the day on the right foot.

Mentally Prepare

During the weekend, the last thing we want to do is think about what we need to get done next week. But in reality, mentally preparing for Monday is one of the best ways to make sure we are productive. Going from personal mode to work mode can be an adjustment on Monday morning, so make a to-do list Sunday night so you can tackle it right away once you are awake.

Set alerts on your calendar so you are ready for your first appointment or Monday task. To-do lists help prioritize things so you can get the tough stuff over with so the rest of the day will be smooth sailing. You may also want to take time out on Friday to think about the goals for the upcoming week so you are prepared to start accomplishing them.

Dress To Impress

Career coaches suggest dressing for success on Monday. Use this day to wear your favorite outfit or dress up a bit. This suggests you are ready for work and will increase your self-esteem so you are cheery instead of down in the dumps. When you look good, you feel good.

Make Mondays Tuesdays

According to a survey on employee productivity by Accountemps, while Friday is the least productive workday (3%), only 24 percent of employees found Mondays productive. To increase productivity, avoid scheduling important meetings Monday morning. These meetings tend to require lots of energy, focus and creativity, all of which aren't on par on Monday morning. 

Be Social

Instead of running to your desk, pick up some donuts to make your colleagues happier in the morning. Take a few minutes to be social and catch up with other employees. This is a great way to improve employee relationships and to network a bit.

Do Something For You

Mondays are often filled with things we have to do, not what we want to do. After work hours schedule something you like to do, like dinner with friends so that you have something to look forward to. When creating your weekly to-do list, make sure to include things you are excited about to break up your schedule from the mundane.

No Work on the Weekends

Since we are attached to our smartphones, completely unplugging from the world is close to impossible. However, aim to avoid checking work emails (unless you are expecting something important). Overloading on work tasks in your mind can increase anxiety during the time you are supposed to be unwinding. If it's not important, wait until Sunday night to glance at emails when you are composing your to-do list. Separating work from pleasure is a necessity.

Everyone experiences Monday blues, but if you can't seem to shake them even after trying these tips then it may be time to re-evaluate how happy you are in your current job. If your blues continue throughout the week, it may be time to consider a new job or career path. Create a list of pros and cons about your current job and find a mentor you can talk to for advice.

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