Another Fail!? Boeing Experiences another Problem with the Starliner Capsule
(Photo : Screenshot From Stargazing UK Ltd Facebook Page) Boeing fails

Boeing's Starliner Capsule already failed once because of a timer delay during one of the launch tests and is now experiencing failure once again with the Starliner's parachute. These types of failures need to be resolved before NASA can declare these types of rockets or capsules useful for their astronauts. The safety of the astronauts along with the capability of the rockets go hand-in-hand, but before any rocket can be declared useful, it must first be declared safe.

NASA's technique on development

NASA has been really smart about their budget allocation by working with private companies Boeing and SpaceX to manufacture their needed rockets for space. So far, SpaceX has been able to break through with their Crew Dragon. NASA aims to minimize their costs by having Boeing develop them the CST-100 'Starliner' which is a capsule under the very own Commercial Crew Development. NASA's plan includes two different space vehicles, the Starliner and the Crew Dragon.

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Although Boeing's first Orbital Flight Test was a failure for their Starliner, Boeing has to come back somehow and make sure that they push through with quality rockets under a contract with NASA.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon and its successful performance

SpaceX is celebrating the success of the recent orbital flight test and their in-flight abort test, which just goes to show that their very own Crew Dragon is almost ready to go to space! There are a few changes that need to be made regarding the ground test failure, which is already under investigation to make sure that the small leaks and lapses are being worked out.

Other problems with the Starliner include the leaking of the module's toxic fuel, which then resulted in the delay of the OTF by months. This alarming defect negatively reflected on Boeing because of how risky their rockets still are.

Other problems raised by NASA

NASA realizes that they have another problem with Boeing, which can prove to be a critical concern later on. Software from Boeing has recently become quite problematic as this is a fundamental problem. Boeing already has a bad history record when it comes to software crashes like when their Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System or (MCAS), which was the system for the Boeing 737, has already claimed the lives of 346 innocent individuals aboard two separate flights. Clearly, this is something to be addressed before NASA completely before they are ready to send their astronauts aboard a Boeing.

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Another disturbing problem that could be experienced by NASA is the lack of space-to-ground communications, which is of integral importance, especially when astronauts are on board. During the flight's initial stages, shaky communication was already experienced between the Starliner and the control team which was caused by a "high [radio] noise floor," that was pointed out to be the cause of interruption for NASA's Tracking Data and Relay Satellites (TDRS) from connecting with the Starliner.

 NASA has big plans, and even though Boeing has been experiencing problems, NASA has not yet given up on them despite the Starlink Capsule's second failure.

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