'Marble Planet' Photo Of Jupiter Showcases Stunning Power Of Jovian Storms

Jupiter Marble, a reference to the classic Earth photo dubbed Blue Marble, shows the swirling clouds and storms of the gas giant. The photo was captured by the Juno spacecraft which has been studying Jupiter since 2016.


NASA Captures Image Of Massive Fireball Over Bering Sea

A meteor exploded over the Bering sea on Dec. 18, 2018. Amazingly, the instrument aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft captured a true-color image of the meteor's passage after it exploded.

Space March 23, 2019

Scientists Put Mars 2020 Rover Through Its Paces

NASA engineers have been simulating the entry and landing of the Mars 2020 rover on the Red Planet in preparation for next year's launch. The rover will study the planet's habitability, including whether it harbored microbial life in the past.

Space March 21, 2019

Boeing Pushes Back Test Flights For NASA Human Spaceflight Program Till Later This Year

Boeing CST-100 Starliner's first uncrewed flight was moved to a later date, according to industry insiders. Instead of an April launch, the spacecraft's orbital flight test has been delayed for at least three months.

Space March 21, 2019

NASA Detects Asteroid Explosion 10 Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima Bomb

The third most powerful fireball in modern history exploded in Russia last December. This ball of fire unleashed energy that is 10 times greater than the "Little Boy".

Space March 20, 2019

Scientists Detect 'Mini-Tremors' On Mars

NASA's InSight lander has detected microseisms, or continuous and ubiquitous tremors, on Mars. The faint humming was discovered in February, a few months after the lander had arrived on the Red Planet.

Space March 19, 2019

NASA Scientists Create Exoplanet Atmosphere In Lab

Exoplanets are planets that orbit another star. To further understand how the atmospheres of exoplanets known as hot Jupiters are formed, NASA combined chemicals and heated them in a furnace, inside a lab.

Space March 19, 2019

NASA Is Considering Flying Commercial Space Flights Signaling Shift In Space Industry

NASA might have to change the way it conducts its deep space mission to make next year's Orion uncrewed flight around the Moon possible. The space agency might use a commercial rocket to launch the spacecraft.

Space March 16, 2019

Astronauts Who Survived 2018 Failed Soyuz Launch Blast Off To International Space Station

Five months after they were forced to make an emergency landing following a malfunction on the Soyuz, two astronauts complete a successful journey to the ISS on the very same spacecraft.

Space March 15, 2019

SpaceX May Be Likeliest Contender To Win Moon Rocket Contract

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that the space agency is considering the use of a commercial rocket to launch the Orion crew capsule next year. He told a Senate committee that the SLS will not be ready by June 2020.

Space March 14, 2019

NASA Unveils Opportunity Rover's Last Set Of Photos

Mars Opportunity might have perished in a planet-wide dust storm in June, but it continues to provide data about the Red Planet to NASA. The space agency published one of the final photos they received from the 15-year-old rover.

Space March 13, 2019

NASA Wants To Open 50-Year-Old Moon Samples From Apollo Missions

NASA is opening lunar samples for the first time since the Apollo program ended nearly 50 years ago. Two teams of scientists were granted permission to study the samples in preparation for the space agency's planned return to the moon.

Space March 13, 2019

NASA Boss Jim Bridenstine Says First Person To Step On Mars Likely To Be A Woman

The head of NASA reveals that the first human to visit Mars is likely to be a woman. Future missions to the moon will also include women, which will be the first time in history.

Space March 13, 2019

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Water Molecules Around The Moon

Scientists working on the NASA-commissioned research Lyman Alpha Mapping Project have successfully observed water molecules sparsely scattered on the surface of the moon. This new research can shed light on the lunar water movement.

Space March 12, 2019

New White House Budget May Further Delay Launch Of NASA's Space Launch System Rocket

The newly released budget request for NASA's 2020 fiscal year spells plenty of delays and terminations, but NASA assures the slashed budget is a win for the space agency. One of the projects that is halted is the upgraded Space Launch System.

Space March 11, 2019

NASA's New Horizons Team Releases 3D Images Of Ultima Thule

It's time to bring out the 3D glasses or practice crossing the eyes. NASA released new images of Ultima Thule, showing the KBO in 3D.

Space March 9, 2019

LOOK: Hubble Image Shows 2 Galaxies Colliding

A new image from NASA and ESA's Hubble Space Telescope shows two galaxies colliding. The two galaxies were initially thought to be a single, irregularly shaped galaxy.

Space March 9, 2019

Blowing Up Large Earth-Killing Asteroids Not A Solution, Research Says

Recent findings showed destroying killer asteroids is a lot more difficult than previously thought. Scientists observed in a new asteroid collision model that even though a killer asteroid is bigger, it does not necessarily mean it is weaker.

Space March 9, 2019

New NASA Supersonic Shockwave Visualizations Results In Stunning Imagery

NASA released the photos from the recent Air-to-Air Background Oriented Schlieren (AirBOS) test flight. The photos demonstrated in great detail how shockwaves interact with two aircraft flying at supersonic speeds.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2019

Astronaut On ISS Takes Stunning Photo Of SpaceX Crew Dragon

SpaceX's Crew Dragon is seen in the photo approaching the International Station on Sunday, March 3. The vehicle is scheduled to undock and return back to Earth on Friday, March 8.

Space March 7, 2019

2 NASA Astronauts To Conduct First All-Female Spacewalk In History

More women continue to change the face of STEM and two of them are about to do it in space. Christina Koch and Anne McClain will be the first all-female crew to do a spacewalk at the International Space Station on March 29.

Space March 7, 2019

Elon Musk Wants Permanent Base With Human Residents On Moon

Elon Musk sets his sights toward the moon following Saturday's successful Crew Dragon launch to the ISS. During the post-launch press conference, he hinted that SpaceX's partnership with NASA could go beyond Earth's low orbit.

Space March 4, 2019

NASA Shoots Photo Of 'Dragon' Northern Lights In Iceland

NASA published an image of the northern lights taking the form of a dragon over Iceland. The space agency said that no recent sunspots have been recorded, making the sight of the aurora this month even more special.

Earth/Environment February 28, 2019

NASA Shows Off Stunning New Images Of Jupiter's Atmosphere

A citizen scientist enhanced a new photo of Jupiter to highlight swirls of clouds surrounding a circular storm. Spacecraft Juno took the said image during its most recent flyby of the gas giant.

Space February 28, 2019

Scientists Create Artificial Ocean Hydrothermal Vents To Study Primordial Origins Of Life

A team of scientists investigated the conditions of the primordial ocean to understand how life began on Earth. They believe that this could help narrow down the search for extraterrestrial life in the universe.

Earth/Environment February 26, 2019

NASA Warns Ice Shelf 2 Times The Size Of New York Could Break Off Antarctica

NASA has been monitoring two cracks on the Brunt Ice Shelf that might produce an iceberg twice the size of New York City. The event might endanger the human presence that has been established in the area in 1955.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2019

Curiosity Rover Operating Normally After Sudden Boot-Up Issue

NASA's Curiosity rover is back to operating normally after suffering reboot issues. The reboot problem occurred just days after the permanent shut down of Opportunity.

Space February 24, 2019

New Horizons Team Shares Most Detailed Images Of Ultima Thule

The New Horizons team shared the most detailed images of Ultima Thule during the historic Jan. 1 flyby. It showcases many surface details that were not very apparent in earlier images.

Space February 22, 2019

Scientists Synthesize Artificial DNA With 4 New Nucleobases

Researchers believe that the hachimoji DNA can help NASA's search for life outside of Earth. In a study, they presented an eight-nucleotide synthetic molecular system that can store and transmit genetic information of a potential extraterrestrial organism.

Space February 22, 2019

NASA Scientists Report Strange 'Dark Vortex' In Neptune's Atmosphere

Neptune is sporting a 'mysterious dark vortex' in the latest photograph released by NASA. According to the U.S. space agency, the spot is a storm that pulls dark materials from the deeper part of the atmosphere.

Space February 9, 2019

LOOK: NASA Snaps Photo Of Chinese Lander On Far Side Of The Moon

NASA released a new image of the far side of the moon showing China's Chang'e 4 inside the Von Kármán crater. The lander is just two pixels across, while the rover cannot be seen in the image.

Space February 7, 2019

NASA And NOAA Both Agree That 2018 Was Fourth Hottest Year Ever Recorded

2018 is the fourth hottest year ever recorded, according to data collected by NASA. The global surface temperature was nearly 1 degree Celsius higher than average and it is because of global warming.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2019

Mini MarCO Cube Sat Dead In Space Beyond Mars Orbit, Says NASA

The MarCO CubeSats that were launched last year have been unable to communicate with NASA. WALL-E has been silent since December while its twin EVE last sent a message in January.

Space February 6, 2019

New Volcanic Island Near Tonga Has Mysterious Mud That's Puzzling NASA Scientists

Researchers explored one of the three youngest islands on Earth back in October. In addition to vegetation and bird life, they found that the 3-year-old volcanic island is covered in light clay mud.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2019

NASA Warns Climate Change Could Cause Increase In 'Extreme Storms'

NASA’s recent climate change study warns that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide may rise tropical ocean surface temperatures. Scientists predict that if the trend continues, it may cause an almost 60 percent increase in the frequency of extreme storms.

Earth/Environment February 4, 2019

NASA's Hubble Discovers Tiny Dwarf Galaxy Bedin 1 In Cosmic Backyard

Using NASA's Hubble, an international team of astronomers accidentally discovered Bedin 1, the farthest tiny dwarf galaxy in the cosmic backyard. The unexpected finding happened when the observatory took an image of the compact collection of stars within NGC 6752.

Space February 4, 2019

Boeing Starliner Test Flight Scheduled For March

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner will make its first test flight to the International Space Station next month. Named Orbital Flight Test, this space mission will launch on United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Space February 2, 2019

NASA Satellite Image Shows Polar Vortex Spreading Frigid Air Over United States

NASA's new satellite images show how the polar vortex is spreading frigid air over the United States. So far, the Midwest has been experiencing the lowest temperatures in years.

Earth/Environment February 2, 2019

NASA Curiosity Team Teaches An Old Rover New Tricks For Measuring Martian Gravity

A team of researchers used accelerometers onboard NASA's Curiosity rover to track subtle changes in the gravity on Mars. They measured the pull on Mount Sharp in Gale Crater, coming up with new questions on how it was formed.

Space February 1, 2019

Asteroid Defense Telescope Spots 'Empty Trash Bag' Orbiting Earth

Observatories tracking near-Earth objects spotted a space junk that looks like a plastic bag. While the object does not pose a threat to the planet, astronomers said its orbit is quite odd.

Space January 31, 2019

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Completes First Trip Around The Sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe will get closer and closer to the sun in its future orbits around the star. It will have its final flyby in 2025 when it will dive within just 3.83 million miles of the sun.

Space January 31, 2019

NASA Back In Business But Still Reeling From Shutdown

After the 35-day government shutdown, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine welcomed back employees at the Washington, DC headquarters. The space agency will take time to recover from the effects of the record-breaking government shutdown.

Space January 30, 2019

Mars Opportunity Rover May Have Perished 'Honorably' During Dust Storm, Says NASA

NASA might soon be ending its efforts to recover Opportunity. The principal investigator behind the mission said that while they have not given up hope yet, it might also be the end of the 15-year-old explorer.

Space January 28, 2019

NASA Team Sends New Set Of Commands To Opportunity Rover On Mars

NASA continued its attempt to recover Opportunity months after the rover had gone silent because of June's dust storm. Engineers at JPL started sending new commands in the hopes of addressing the issues preventing the rover from contacting Earth.

Space January 26, 2019

NASA's Opportunity Rover Begins 15th Year On Mars Surface

NASA's Opportunity Rover landed on Mars 15 years ago on Jan. 24, 2004. Its last communication with Earth was detected in June 10, 2018, and NASA still does not know the current status of the rover.

Space January 25, 2019

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