NASA's Juno Discovers That Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Changing

New readings made by the Juno spacecraft revealed small but distinct changes in the magnetic field of Jupiter. NASA scientists explained that the shifts are caused by the planet's atmospheric winds in the deep atmosphere.


NASA Now Testing 'Bumble' Robot Assistant On-Board Space Station

Bumble and its companion Honey, two of the three Astrobee robots, arrived at the International Space Station last month. The free-flying cubes were designed to assist the crew in day-to-day tasks.


Scientists Find Telltale Signs Of Water On Ultima Thule

New Horizons mission scientists found traces of water ice, methanol, and organic materials on the surface of Ultima Thule. The Kuiper Belt object is the farthest ever explored by the spacecraft.


ISS Flies Over North America, How To Spot The ISS From Where You Are

The ISS is flying over North America this weekend, giving many an opportunity to spot it in the night sky. How can one have the chance to have a look at it the next time it flies over the area?

Space May 19, 2019

NASA Picks SpaceX, Blue Origin, And 9 Other Firms For $45.5 Million Moon Lander Study

A total of 11 private American companies have been chosen to work on NASA's next moon lander project. The space agency's partners will research and develop technologies that will help transport astronauts back to the surface of the moon.

Space May 18, 2019

NASA Takes A Peek At Crater Made By Beresheet Spacecraft On Moon

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the impact site of Israel's Beresheet spacecraft. The image shows a black smudge where the first privately built spacecraft on the Moon crash-landed a month ago.

Space May 18, 2019

NASA Working On Solutions To Fix Limitations Of The Human Body During Spaceflight

Astronauts who will venture to the Moon and Mars will be subjected to cosmic radiation, lack of gravity, and other potential health risks. NASA is figuring out ways to protect future spacefarers from the harmful conditions of space.

Space May 16, 2019

Oreo To Release Limited Edition Cookies For Moon Landing's 50th Anniversary

Space fans will get to enjoy the new Oreo Marshmallow Moon this coming June. The limited edition cookies will be launched as part of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's Moon Landing.

Life & Style May 15, 2019

NASA Wants You To Record And Share Your Memories Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

NASA has called on the public to share their memories and recollection about the historic moon landing. The Apollo Stories project will collate recordings that will be featured in NASA's commemorative audio series and social media accounts.

Space May 13, 2019

Image Of Mars' Phobos In Full Moon Looks Like Rainbow-Colored Candy

Odyssey’s thermal imaging camera THEMIS observed Martian moon Phobos while in full moon. This new information would help scientists further study Phobos’ composition and determine its origin.

Space May 13, 2019

NASA Scientists Working On Soft Robots That Looks A Lot Like Sci-Fi Aliens

NASA interns have been developing soft robotic actuators that can expand the tasks that future robots can perform. Scientists are hoping to use soft robots for future exploration and building in space.

Robotics May 11, 2019

Tunneling Experts Excited At Prospect Or Boring Tunnels On Lunar Surface

NASA is ramping up plans to return humans back to the lunar surface. Meanwhile, engineers on Earth have started discussing and developing technologies to be used to colonize the Moon.

Space May 11, 2019

NASA Declares AI SpaceFactory Winner Of 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge

The winner for NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge has been announced. Years after the competition opened, AI SpaceFactory takes the top prize for their design, Marsha.

Space May 10, 2019

Buzz Aldrin Just Called For A 'Great' Human Migration To The Red Planet

Buzz Aldrin is urging the United States to send humans to Mars to set up base permanently. He said that expanding the presence of humans in the universe is necessary to ensure the continuation of the species.

Space May 4, 2019

Faulty Aluminum Materials Caused To Failed Satellite Launches, Says NASA

NASA's LSP investigators have discovered that the technical root cause of the failures of the OCO and Glory missions was due to the faulty materials provided by Sapa Profiles, Inc. The company is now suspended for acquiring government contracts.

Space May 3, 2019

InSight Takes Snapshot Of The Sunrise And Sunset On Mars

NASA’s InSight just followed the tradition set by its predecessors and colleagues: it took images of the sunrise and sunset in Mars. It also captured the movement of clouds as the sun set on the Red Planet.

Space May 3, 2019

Major Power Shortage Hits International Space Station Due To Malfunctions

A malfunction at the ISS knocked out two of the station's power channels, leaving the robot arm outside crippled. As a result, a scheduled supply run has been postponed.

Space May 1, 2019

ISS Mission Of NASA Astronaut Christina Koch To Help Understand Long-Term Effects Of Spaceflight On Women

NASA engineer Christina Koch's 328-day stay on the ISS will provide researchers with data on the health effects of spaceflight on the female body. This will help astronauts better prepare for the rigors of long-term space travel in the future.

Space April 30, 2019

Blue Origin Posts Mysterious Tweet With Image Of Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance

Many speculated that Blue Origin is set to make an important announcement at the Satellite Conference in Washington DC this week. The space company's recent tweet suggested a possible lunar expedition.

Space April 29, 2019

Top Asteroid Experts To Practice Fake Asteroid Impact Scenario At 2019 Planetary Defense Conference

Top asteroid experts are coming together for the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference. In it, they will discuss defensive actions for a potentially hazardous asteroid impact through a simulation.

Space April 26, 2019

NASA Is Building A Space Camera Watchdog That Will Seek Out Asteroid Threats

NEOCam had been proposed over 14 years ago, but it's still lacking funding to gain approval to launch. The last time the project received funding was in 2017.

Space April 24, 2019

Marsquake: NASA'S InSight Lander Detects First Tremor In Planet Mars

Scientists were able to detect the first Marsquake via NASA's InSight lander. The recorded tremor was faint but was the kind that scientists have been waiting for for months.

Space April 24, 2019

NASA Reports Giant 'Jellyfish' Galaxy With 260,000-Light-Year Gas Tail

The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to study the phenomenon behind the "jellyfish" galaxy upon its launch in 2021. ESO 137-001 is called a "jellyfish" galaxy because of the way blue stars formed within its tail.

Space April 23, 2019

NASA Is Testing Swarms Of Tiny Cicada-Like Drones

NASA tested CICADA drones that can monitor the weather and atmosphere. The tiny flyers have been developed by the U.S. Navy with the hopes of deploying the drones in hostile territories.

Robotics April 23, 2019

NASA Gives Go Ahead For Dragon Cargo Launch Following Accident

SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft's resupply mission will proceed next week, according to a spokesperson from NASA. The confirmation came a few days after SpaceX's Crew Dragon had experienced an "anomaly" while performing static fire tests of its abort engines.

Space April 23, 2019

Celebrate Earth Day With NASA: Here's How To Share #PictureEarth Images

This year's Earth Day comes amid rising concern about climate change and its effects. NASA invited social media users to share their best photos of Earth and nature.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2019

Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit To Be Displayed 50 Years After Historic Moon Landing

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum has lined up several commemorative and educational activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. These will include a display featuring Neil Armstrong's spacesuit.

Space April 20, 2019

Pilot Legend And First Female Astronaut Candidate Jerrie Cobb Passes Away At 88

Jerrie Cobb, a gifted pilot who made history by becoming the first female astronaut candidate, passed away last month. She was one of the Mercury 13 women who passed the astronaut screening process but never made it to space.

Space April 19, 2019

NASA Releases Photo Of UK Taken From Space

The United Kingdom looked stunning from the International Space Station. NASA released an image of the British Isles and Ireland from low-Earth orbit, showing lush greenery and blue seas.

Space April 19, 2019

NASA's Lunar Retroreflector Array Experiment May Have Survived Crash of Israel's Beresheet Moon Lander

An additional NASA payload may have survived the crash of Israel's Beresheet moon lander on April 11, scientists said. The payload contained the Lunar Retroreflector Array experiment.

Space April 18, 2019

Space Station Mice 'Exercise' To Stay Healthy: How Astronauts Keep Themselves Fit In Microgravity

Space mice have started to show unusual behavior aboard the ISS, running laps around their cage like athletes on training for a marathon. Here's how astronauts on the station keep their body in check in space.

Space April 18, 2019

Who Is Christina Koch? NASA Astronaut To Break Record For Longest Spaceflight For A Woman

NASA astronaut Christina Koch is scheduled to stay on the ISS for 328 consecutive days. This will allow her to set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, surpassing Peggy Whitson's 288-day stint in space.

Space April 17, 2019

Astronaut Pioneer Owen Garriott Passes Away At 88

Owen Garriott, a spaceflight pioneer who spent a total of 70 days in outer space, passed away in his home in Huntsville, Alabama this week. Fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Scott Kelly, and Pat Forrester paid tribute to the American hero.

Space April 17, 2019

Third Planet In Kepler-47 Confirmed As Largest Exoplanet In Circumbinary Star System

Scientists from the San Diego State University have identified the third planet in the Kepler-47 star system. This third planet has also been identified as the largest exoplanet in this particular circumbinary star system.

Space April 17, 2019

NASA Grants Elon Musk's SpaceX $69 Million Contract To Fly Spacecraft Into Asteroid: What's The Objective Of DART Mission?

SpaceX was recently awarded a $69 million US space agency contract to fly spacecraft into asteroids. What is the main objective of NASA’s DART mission?

Space April 16, 2019

Video Shows How Mice React To Microgravity While Aboard International Space Station

NASA proved that its Rodent Habitat provides the capability to conduct significant long-duration biological research studies on the ISS. Rodents deployed for the space experiment even learned to defy microgravity.

Space April 14, 2019

SpaceX Wins NASA's Anti-Asteroid DART Contract

DART will be the first-ever NASA mission to deflect an asteroid from space by using a kinetic impactor. SpaceX charged NASA $69 million, a cheaper price compared to most space contracts.

Space April 13, 2019

NASA To Install OCO-3 CO2 Monitoring Observatory On International Space Station

The OCO-3 Monitoring Observatory will launch no later than April 25 this year. It will be mounted on the International Space Station for three years.

Space April 13, 2019

Lockheed Martin Has A Plan To Bring Astronauts Back To The Moon By 2024

Lockheed Martin has unveiled the reimagined lunar lander that will carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon. The new design was in response to NASA's accelerated timeline to return to the lunar surface by 2024.

Space April 13, 2019

NASA Twin Study Shows Humans Can Withstand Long Space Missions

Results of the landmark study featuring astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly revealed that the human body can survive long-duration space missions. Scott Kelly's health remained stable even after almost a year in space.

Space April 12, 2019

Here's The First Image Of A Black Hole: How Did Scientists Capture It And Why You Should Care

Check out the first photo of a black hole in history. It is a feat that opens up new doors to the study of astronomy so that humanity can look farther and see more precisely into the cosmos.

Space April 11, 2019

Mahindra Group Chairman Takes Shots At NASA Over Space Debris Comment

Anand Mahindra deemed NASA as 'hypocrites' after its recent comment toward India's recent anti-satellite test. India is now recognized as a space superpower.

Space April 8, 2019

NASA Astronauts James Buchli, Janet Kavandi Inducted To Hall Of Fame

James F. Buchli and Dr. Janet Kavandi received the ultimate honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Astronauts. They joined the ranks of nearly 100 most distinguished astronauts.

Space April 8, 2019

Strange 'Alien' Lights From NASA Aurora Experiment Looks Out Of This World

NASA's AZURE mission launched on Friday, creating a spectacular light show in the sky over northern Norway. The experiment is part of a larger effort to study the region of the atmosphere where particles from Earth and outer space interact.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2019

NASA Robotic Bees To Join Astronauts On The International Space Station

Robotic 'bees' will be making their way to the International Space Station soon. These Astrobee bots are expected to make life of the crew easier by helping out with both chores and experiments.

Space April 5, 2019

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