The Largest Fireball Asteroid In 2018 Exploded Over Russia, But NASA Doesn't Notice It Until After Impact

A fireball asteroid struck Russia near the city of Lipestak on June 21. Although NASA promised to track asteroids, it failed to spot this one until after it reached the Earth.


Is This A Van Gogh Painting? Chaotic Clouds Of Jupiter Appear Like Stunning Oil Painting In Color-Enhanced Image

Citizen scientists used data from Junocam imager to create a color-enhanced image of the clouds of Jupiter. The image was captured during the 13th close flyby of the Juno spacecraft.


NASA's OMG Campaign Solves Greenland Side-By-Side Glacier Puzzle

Tracy and Heilprin are Greenland glaciers that sit on the same gulf and experience the same weather and water conditions. Why then are they melting at significantly different rates?


Here's What NASA Will Do To Stop Asteroids From Hitting Earth

An 18-page document released by the White House outlined five goals in protecting the Earth from asteroid crashes. One of the things that NASA will do is to enhance the asteroid detection and tracking capabilities of the United States.

Space June 21, 2018

Former NASA Scientist Laments That He Was Right On Global Warming

NASA’s former climate scientist James Hansen revealed in a new interview that he lamented being right on correctly predicting global warming. He also took several world leaders to task for failed global warming policies.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2018

This Is What A Meteoroid Impact On Mars Looks Like

NASA’s MRO orbiter captured new images of a meteoroid impact on Mars. The pictures show a 1-kilometer-long streak of dark soil gushing from the crater, suggesting the impact caused an avalanche on a Martian hill.

Space June 19, 2018

Retired Astronaut Believes That NASA, SpaceX And Blue Origin Rockets Could Not Transport Humans To Mars

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mentioned that he is not comfortable with the idea of NASA and aerospace firms Blue Origin and SpaceX transporting people to Mars. He believed that there are too many risk factors.

Space June 18, 2018

Did NASA Curiosity Rover See An Alien On Mars? Blurred Figure In Photo Stirs Controversy

The NASA Curiosity rover, which recently discovered ancient organic matter on Mars, may have taken pictures of life on the Red Planet. Controversial YouTube channel Secureteam10 claimed that the blurred object on the photos is evidence of aliens.

Space June 18, 2018

Celebrated NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson Retires From The Space Agency

Celebrated astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson announced her retirement from NASA. She spent over 32 years with the space agency and broke numerous records during her time as a space explorer.

Space June 16, 2018

Can A Waymo Engineer Help Apple’s Allegedly Behind-Schedule Autonomous Driving Project?

By hiring Waymo and NASA engineer Jaime Waydo, Apple’s self-driving software project gains a speed boost. With her expertise, she could reorient Apple’s problematic venture into autonomous driving.

Apple June 16, 2018

Tech Guru Nathan Myhrvold Explains Why NASA Is Very Wrong About Asteroids In Peer-Reviewed Study

Dr. Nathan Myhrvold believes that NASA's NEOWISE project has inaccurate data about asteroids. In 2018, his work was peer-reviewed and published by scientific journal 'Icarus.'

Space June 15, 2018

The U.S. Government Criticizes NASA In Scornful Report, Hearing Regarding Overbudgeted Projects

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee grilled some of NASA’s top leaders on Capitol Hill. Both parties discussed reasons why the space agency was behind on critical projects that often went overbudget.

Space June 15, 2018

NASA Astronauts Complete Successful Spacewalk To Set Up HD Cameras For Incoming Spacecraft

Two NASA astronauts successfully installed high-definition TV cameras during a spacewalk performed on June 14. The cameras were set up to provide excellent views of commercial crew ships approaching the International Space Station.

Space June 15, 2018

Woman Sues NASA To Keep Out-Of-This-World Gift: A Vial Of Moon Dust From Neil Armstrong

A woman from Tennessee filed a preemptive lawsuit in Kansas against NASA to keep an extraordinary gift. The gift, which came from astronaut Neil Armstrong, is a vial of moon dust.

Space June 11, 2018

NASA Shuts Down Opportunity Rover Due To Mars Dust Storm Bigger Than North America

NASA suspended the operations of the Opportunity rover in Mars as it was engulfed by a massive dust storm. Will the rover, which reached a milestone of spending 5,000 Martian days in February, make it through the ordeal?

Space June 11, 2018

NASA's New Horizons Wakes Up To Explore Primitive World Beyond Pluto: What Is Ultima Thule?

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is now headed for a new mission to explore a primitive Kuiper Belt object located a billion miles beyond dwarf planet Pluto. What do scientists currently know about the flyby target Ultima Thule?

Space June 9, 2018

NASA Curiosity Rover Found Ancient Organic Matter On Mars: Does That Mean Aliens?

The NASA Curiosity rover on Mars found ancient organic matter in soil samples and methane in the atmosphere, which were described as 'breakthroughs in astrobiology.' Does this mean that there are aliens on Mars?

Space June 8, 2018

Persistent Bacteria On Spacecraft May Complicate Search For Alien Life

A group of chemists discovered that bacteria lurking in the recesses of spacecraft are resistant to NASA’s stringent cleaning measures. If left unchecked, the microbes could invade other worlds and confound humanity’s search for extraterrestrial life.

Space June 7, 2018

Americans Want NASA To Focus On Saving The Earth, Not Space Exploration

NASA is currently focused on missions that will send humans to the Moon and Mars. A survey, however, revealed that Americans think NASA should instead focus on studying climate change and monitoring asteroids that may crash into Earth.

Space June 7, 2018

Moon Falling From Sky Video Not A Hoax: Here's What's Happening

A video showing the moon falling to Earth looks like it came from a movie, but no editing was done to it by Daniel Lopez, the photographer who recorded the footage. Here's the explanation for the amazing and scary scene.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2018

NASA Uses Gold To Direct Heat Away From Science Instruments Of James Webb Telescope

NASA engineers are installing the gold baffles that can direct heat away from the sensitive instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope. Here's why the baffles and the mirrors of the Hubble Space Telescope successor have gold.

Space June 7, 2018

Georg Von Tiesenhausen, Last Surviving Member Of German Rocket Team, Dies At 104

Georg von Tiesenhausen left Germany in 1953 to become a leading rocket scientist for NASA. He passed away on June 3 at the age of 104 in Alabama.

Space June 6, 2018

New Horizons Probe Wakes Up From 6 Month Hibernation For New Year's Mission

After six months of electronic hibernation, the New Horizons probe woke up. Its next mission will be a flyby of Ultima Thule, a distant frozen place at the edge of the solar system.

Space June 6, 2018

NASA Boss Speaks To Anonymous Private Companies About Taking Over The International Space Station By 2025

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is reportedly speaking to companies about privatizing the International Space Station. The Trump administration plans to cut funding to ISS by 2025.

Space June 5, 2018

NASA Will Reveal Secret Mars Curiosity Rover Findings On June 7

NASA will reveal the findings of the Mars Curiosity rover on Thursday, June 7 in a live panel. NASA is holding the results of the findings for a couple of days.

Space June 5, 2018

NASA Dawn Probe Attempting Closest Pictures Of Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA will be positioning the Dawn spacecraft to take the closest pictures of the dwarf planet Ceres. This will be Dawn's closest descent to Ceres where it will also collect data on the dwarf planet.

Space June 4, 2018

NASA Probe To Study The Heliosphere, The Magnetic Bubble Protecting The Solar System

A new NASA probe named the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe will study the boundary of the heliosphere, which is the magnetic bubble protecting the solar system from cosmic radiation. IMAP is expected to launch by 2024.

Space June 4, 2018

NASA Hopes Undersea Volcano Can Give It Clues On How To Find Alien Life In Space

NASA hopes to find clues about life in outer space by diving under Earth's own oceans. Could an underwater volcano give scientists hints about where else life could be in the solar system?

Space June 4, 2018

Two Galaxies Collide To Form One Luminous, Starburst Galaxy

NASA released the newest image of NGC-3256, a starburst galaxy 100 million light- years away. Starburst galaxies are one of the brightest objects in the sky and are formed usually when two galaxies collide.

Space June 2, 2018

NASA Astronaut Explains What It's Like To Poop In A $19,000 Toilet In Space

After returning to Earth from 665 days in space, a NASA astronaut described the toilet on the International Space Station. She explained the difficulties with defecation in space.

Space May 29, 2018

China Invites The World To Collaborate In Its Space Station Expected To Launch In 2022

China will be launching its own space station in 2022 called the China Space Station. It has said that all countries, no matter how small, will be able to work in the new space station.

Space May 29, 2018

Donald Trump Signs Directive To Modernize US Commercial Space Travel Policy

President Donald Trump signed the Space Policy Directive-2 to allow flexibility for private companies that are developing technologies for future commercial space travels. The White House said Trump wants American companies to be globally competitive in the industry.

Space May 26, 2018

Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Astronaut And Fourth Man On The Moon, Dies At Age 86

Astronaut Alan Bean passed away at the age of 86 in Houston. He was the fourth person to ever walk on the moon during the Apollo 12 mission in 1969.

Space May 26, 2018

U.S. Postal Service Honors Space Pioneer Sally Ride With A Forever Stamp

The U.S. Postal Service released a Forever stamp that commemorates Dr. Sally Ride. The former NASA astronaut and physics professor inspired generations of students to learn more about space.

Space May 24, 2018

A NASA Camera Destroyed During SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Managed To Save The Photos

A NASA photographer got his camera melted during the takeoff of a SpaceX rocket. The camera, however, managed to save the photos that were taken by the photographer.

May 24, 2018

NASA Launches GRACE-FO Mission Satellites Into Orbit

NASA has launched two new satellites atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on May 22 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The satellites, called GRACE-FO, will be used to keep an eye on the changes and movement of water on Earth.

Space May 23, 2018

NASA Creating Coldest Spot In The Universe That Is 10 Billion Times Colder Than Vacuum Of Space

NASA will be using lasers on the International Space Station to create the coldest spot in the universe. This spot will be 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space.

Space May 21, 2018

NASA Exoplanet Hunter TESS Takes Test Image As It Gets Gravity Boost From The Moon

NASA's exoplanet hunting spacecraft TESS snapped a photograph as it made its way pay the moon, thanks to a gravity assist. TESS will be hunting for exoplanets and is expected to find thousands.

Space May 18, 2018

NASA Will Test A New Method To Fix Mars Curiosity Rover's Drill On May 19

NASA is testing a new technique that might allow the Mars Curiosity rover to drill again. In 2016, a mechanical failure with the brake caused the drill to stop working.

Space May 18, 2018

International Space Station Privatization By 2025 Will Likely Not Happen, NASA Says

The Trump administration proposed to hand over the International Space Station to the private sector by 2025. A NASA inspector general, however, said that ISS privatization will likely not happen.

Space May 17, 2018

NASA Scientists Reveal 14 Locations With The Most Dramatic Global Water Supply Changes Caused By Humans

NASA has located the specific areas in the world with the biggest freshwater challenges. Of the 19 hotspots with the most changes, 14 of them can be attributed to human activity.

Earth/Environment May 16, 2018

NASA Astronauts Make Improvements To International Space Station During Spacewalk

NASA astronauts Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold performed a spacewalk to fix items outside of the International Space Station. They worked on the space station’s cooling system, a communications receiver, and installed communications equipment.

Space May 16, 2018

On The Way To Mars, NASA Satellite Snaps A Photo Of Earth And Moon

The MarCO CubeSats accompanying the InSight lander headed to Mars wanted to check if the journey is going well, so it snapped a photo of its antenna. But there were a couple of photobombers.

Space May 16, 2018

NASA Finds Evidence That Spacecraft Flew Through Water Plume On Jupiter's Moon Europa Back In 1997

Old data from the Jupiter probe Galileo shows that it flew through a water plume on the moon of Europa. Although the data has been available for more than 20 years, scientists were just able to see this now.

Space May 15, 2018

Trump Administration Shuts Down NASA's $10 Million Carbon Monitoring Program While CO2 Levels Soar

NASA will be shutting down its Carbon Monitoring System, which kept tracks of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Experts say that this move can make it harder to measure emissions in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 14, 2018

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