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Blogs are now almost as ubiquitous as tv shows and podcasts. As of February 2020, we've seen over 409 million people read 20+ billion pages on Wordpress. Your blog would be a dime a dozen. Almost every industry, topic, and style have been tried by now.

So how do you stand out in the ocean of blogs all competing for the same prize? Success is very much possible and there are new 'it' bloggers gaining global fame each day. You just have to be smart and consistent about it as you build out your followers.

Here are some tips to help you draw the readers in day after day.

Finding the right topic

Knowing your audience is step number one. Who are you trying to cater to? Making sure that not only is the topic relevant to your audience, but it is perceived as such is crucial. For instance, if you are writing about organic cooking, make sure your articles (especially in the early stage) have titles with words recognizable to those who are curious or passionate about organic cooking.

In order to know what they're thinking about, you need to be part of their community. Join Facebook groups, newsletters, and other communities to see what hot topics are being discussed as those are likely the ones that they search for online.

Knowing how to make the visuals work for you

You need to be able to attract the user's attention with clear, intriguing headlines to draw them in. You should care not only about how many users you can attract to your content but also how long they stay and consume your content. On average, a reader spends about 15 seconds on each article they come across.

Having the right headline and header visuals to pique the reader's interest enough gives you great momentum and improves the likelihood that the reader would engage with your full content. Wordpress has its own default setting that most bloggers settle for but you can customize your header visuals to your advantage.

Throughout the article, carefully place the right visuals in the article so your voice has additional triggers that help make your content memorable. Just like any product packaging that becomes a signature of a brand, how you use your visuals will become part of your branding.

Use the right keywords

With Search Engine Optimization now an inevitable and inherent part of any online content or site you build, you have to play the game of keywords. Based on how search engines work, you should make sure the words used in your title and your blog are noticeably relevant. There are many other factors that go into the algorithm which determines the ranking of your content so make sure to do some research before you publish.

Things like internal links, site speed, and user experience all matter. Does your blog site help users get the information they need quickly and engage them meaningfully?

Don't worry, there are apps and tools like Free Keyword Tool for bloggers so you don't have to apply the old school trial-and-error method.

Define your 'voice'

Every writer and influencer needs his/her own voice. Is it playful or serious? Do you use colorful metaphors and allegories? Do you use a lot of emojis and teen slangs or are more of a journalistic mannerism?

There's no one voice that will resonate with all your readers. You have to choose a style that suits you and be consistent with it even if some people don't seem to be too fond of it. Especially if your blog includes videos of you, not just your writing, being conscious and deliberate about your voice is going to be crucial to establishing your brand and fan base.

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