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An American biotech company says it has created a coronavirus vaccine just three hours after getting access to the genetic makeup of the virus on Jan. 9. Is the method as of how it was found out really good enough to save lives?

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals is based in Pennsylvania, but the lab in San Diego made the amazing discovery of the vaccine. 

How They Found the Solution

Dr. Trevor Smith, the director from Inovio's research and development, spoke with KVUE, stating, "We have an algorithm which we designed, and we put the DNA sequence into our algorithm and came up with the vaccine in that short amount of time,". Given as to how they found the cure based on an algorithm, how effective is it really since we already discussed the problems of how AI can't detect all solutions or even if it's effective enough.

When Can We Expect the Coronavirus Vaccine be Available

Research has shown that the earliest possible time to produce this vaccine for the COVID-19 in mass quantities will be ready this summer. The American company has partnered with a Chinese company called Beijing Advaccine to hasten the process of delivering the vaccine.

"Inovio's participation in this developing effort is based on the ideal suitability of its DNA medicine platform to rapidly develop vaccines against emerging viruses with pandemic potential, proven vaccine development capabilities, and a strong track record of rapidly generating promising countermeasures against previous pandemic threats," the company said in a statement on Jan. 30. "Inovio was the first to advance its vaccine (INO-4700) against MERS-CoV, a related coronavirus, into evaluation in humans."

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COVID-19 News as of Date

China has seen a spike of deaths daily now about 250 or so as well as cases of now about 15,000 and counting. A new methodology was applied along with the hardest-hit province of Hubei. 

As for the rest of the world, the total number of confirmed cases as of the time of this writing is around 64,437. The number of deaths around the world is 1,383, and people who are recovering are about 6,983. You can bookmark the real-time COVID-19 here.

Companies Trying to Create Vaccine as Well

Another company, Novavax, is also aiming to create a vaccine for the coronavirus as little as three months. Knowing though that creating a vaccine takes years to develop but knowing the advancement in technology is nowadays, it might be cut shorter with the urgent need for a cure. Novavax created an Ebola vaccine in just 90 days.

Gilead as well is set to try out their new vaccine for COVID-19 called Remdesivir as well as Kaletra, which are based on existing medicines.

As technology is advancing now the way, it is, how effective is it really for us humans to be taking such a risk by relying on algorithms. Only time will tell, and the future of humanity is at stake.

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