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Religious Exemptions For Vaccines No Longer Allowed In New York

The state of New York has passed a bill banning parents for claiming religious beliefs to opt their children out of receiving required vaccinations. The mandate was introduced as a response to the measles outbreak across the United States.

Public Health June 15, 2019

Chickenpox Vaccination Also Effective At Protecting Children From Shingles

The varicella vaccine, which prevents chickenpox among children, could also reduce a person's likelihood of getting shingles years later. Researchers made the discovery after analyzing the medical records of more than 6 million people.

Public Health June 11, 2019

Twitter Adds New Features Aimed At Curbing Anti-Vaxer Activity

Twitter joined Facebook and YouTube in the fight against the spread of misinformation online. The social media platform has announced a new tool that will prevent users from encountering anti-vaccine content.

Public Health May 17, 2019

Kentucky Teen Jerome Kunkel Who Sued Over School Vaccine Ban Gets Chickenpox

Jerome Kunkel and his family said they do not have regrets they decided not to get vaccinated. Since the teenager is now immune to chickenpox following his infection, he hopes to return to class for the first time since March 15.

Public Health May 8, 2019

Sanofi's Dengue Fever Vaccine Gets Green Light From FDA

FDA announces their approval of the controversial dengue vaccine Dengvaxia. The mosquito-borne dengue virus infects millions of people worldwide and it is endemic in a number of United States territories.

Public Health May 3, 2019

New Bill May Soon Require Doctors To Treat Unvaccinated Children

A doctor examining a young patient. A new bill in Pennsylvania will prohibit doctors from scolding, harassing, coercing parents of patients to vaccinate their children. They also would not be allowed to deny care for sick unvaccinated patients.

Public Health May 1, 2019

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Site Wants To Ban Anti-Vaxx Fundraising Campaigns

Anti-vaccination campaigns have spread worldwide, with the misinformation causing more and more parents to hesitate vaccinating their children. Indiegogo has joined other companies in making a stand against anti-vaccination.

Public Health April 30, 2019

President Trump Urges Americans To Get Measles Vaccine As Cases Of Disease Hit Highest Level Since 2000

Amid the rising cases of measles in the United States, President Donald Trump has urged Americans to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the disease. The cases of measles have hit an all-time high since 2000.

Public Health April 28, 2019

New Washington Bill Seeks To Limit Exemptions To Measles Vaccination

Lawmakers voted to limit non-medical vaccine exemptions in Washington state as the country continues to see a rise in new cases of measles. Parents are no longer allowed to opt out of vaccinating their children for personal or philosophical reasons.

Public Health April 25, 2019

Testing Novel Anti-Malaria Vaccine To Begin In Malawi

An anti-Malaria vaccine has finally been developed after three decades of study. It has the most extensive clinical study to date with a $1 million budget.

Medicine April 24, 2019

New Cancer Treatment Turns Tumors Into ‘Vaccine’

Researchers come up with a novel type of immunotherapy that involves transforming tumors into 'cancer vaccine factories.' The treatment shows great potential in clinical trials on patients with lymphoma.

Medicine April 9, 2019

NIH Starts First Ever Human Trials For Possible Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are hoping that the first clinical trial of the universal influenza vaccine will be successful. The trial will end by 2020.

Medicine April 8, 2019

Judge Sides With Kentucky School On Banning Unvaccinated Student

A judge from Kentucky sided with the decision of the state health department to ban unvaccinated students from attending classes at Assumption Academy. A total of 32 cases of chickenpox have been reported in the school since February.

Public Health April 3, 2019

Traveler With Measles Exposed Santa Clara County Residents To Virus: Here Are The Places He Visited

The unnamed traveler was infectious when he visited 20 places in Santa Clara County between March 16 and 23. The health department warned unvaccinated individuals to watch out for symptoms.

Public Health March 26, 2019

Anti-Vax Parents Want Kids Back In School But Judge Disagrees

A federal judge refused the appeal of parents to allow their unvaccinated children back to school in Rockland County. The decision was a response to the current measles outbreak, which has already reached 147 confirmed cases.

Public Health March 15, 2019

Bill Aims To Allow Minors To Receive Vaccinations Without Parental Consent

New York legislators passed a bill to allow minors to get vaccines even without their parents' consent. The proposed law came after an unprecedented number of recent measles outbreaks in the state erupted.

Public Health March 14, 2019

Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Attending Schools In Italy

Three hundred children without mandatory vaccinations are turned away from kindergarten after parents failed to provide proper documentation of their immunizations. These measures are implemented under the Lorenzin law passed in 2017.

Public Health March 14, 2019

New Molecule Derived From Studying Anti-Bodies Could Result In More Effective Flu Treatment

A new treatment promises to offer long-term protection against the flu. Researchers are in the early stages of development of the drug which can bind and disable the areas of the influenza virus that remain constant in every strain.

Public Health March 9, 2019

Son Of Anti-Vaxers Shares Message About Vaccination After Getting Sick From Measles

A man who almost died after contracting measles spoke about his experience with the disease amid the current outbreak. He was not vaccinated as a kid because his parents believe the misinformation being spread by anti-vaxer communities.

Public Health March 9, 2019

Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Diagnosed With Tetanus Racks Up Nearly A Million Dollars In Medical Bills

A family paid nearly a million dollars in medical bills after an unvaccinated boy from Oregon suffered from Tetanus. The child spent more than two months in the hospital fighting for his life. After the ordeal, the family declined recommended subsequent vaccinations.

Public Health March 8, 2019

Facebook Announces Multi-Step Plan To Curb Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

In the wake of the measles outbreak and the continual rise of antivaxxers, Facebook announces a new set of policies to quell the spread of vaccine misinformation on their social media platform.

Public Health March 7, 2019

At Least 20 US States Propose Anti-Vaccination Bills Amid Measles Outbreaks

A number of states have introduced bills that will make it easier for parents to avoid vaccination for their children. This comes in the wake of a measles outbreak in the country that has already affected 11 states.

Public Health March 7, 2019

Ethan Lindenberger, Teen Who Defied Parents Over Vaccine, Says Anti-Vaxx Mom Believed Fake News On Facebook

Eighteen-year-old Ethan Lindenberger appeared before a Senate Committee, where he stated his anti-vaxx mom's misinformation stemmed from social media. He said Facebook is among the sites often used by his mother to backup the idea vaccines are harmful.

Public Health March 7, 2019

Mom Of Teen Who Got Vaccinated Behind Her Back Disagrees With Son's Senate Hearing Speech

The mother of the teen who testified in front of a Senate health committee on Tuesday said she maintains the decision not to vaccinate her children. She said that she disagrees with her son's decision to get vaccinated.

Public Health March 6, 2019

Amazon Takes Down Controversial Vaccine Documentary From Amazon Prime

On Friday, Amazon removed a controversial anti-vaccine documentary from its streaming platform. The move was a response to a letter from Rep. Adam Schiff about the growing anti-vaccine sentiment in the United States.

Public Health March 5, 2019

Another Study Confirms MMR Vaccine Does Not Raise Autism Risk

A study that involved 657,461 in Denmark showed MMR vaccine does not raise risk of autism. Researchers were also able to identify groups of children with the highest risk for the neurodevelopmental condition.

Public Health March 5, 2019

Teen Who Got Vaccinated Behind Parents' Backs To Speak Before Congress

Ethan Linderberger will speak in front of the Senate to talk about his decision to get vaccinated despite his parents' anti-vaccine beliefs. He will make an appearance during a hearing on the reappearance of preventable diseases in the United States.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 4, 2019

Adults Who Had Measles Vaccination As Kids May No Longer Be Protected From Viral Disease

Some adults who received their measles vaccine as a kid may need to get another shot to be protected from the viral disease. These are the individuals who need revaccination.

Public Health March 2, 2019

Unvaccinated French Tourist May Have Reinstroduced Measles To Costa Rica

A boy from France who arrived in Costa Rica with his family earlier this month may have reintroduced measles to the country. The 5-year-old has not received the measles vaccine.

Public Health February 26, 2019

Hundreds Join Antivax Rally In Washington Following Measles Outbreak

Parents and guardians marched down to Washington to oppose a bill that will require measles vaccination for students in public school. The bill is a response to an ongoing measles outbreak in the state.

Public Health February 9, 2019

Takeda Dengue Vaccine Showing Promising Results In Phase 3 Of Testing

In a press release, the company revealed that the experimental drug, TAK-003, was proven to be effective and safe. The upcoming vaccine showed immunity against four strains of dengue fever.

Medicine January 30, 2019

Preeminent UK Cancer Expert Martin Gore Passed Away Unexpectedly

Martin Gore, a prominent cancer expert from the United Kingdom, reportedly passed away after he had received a vaccine for yellow fever. Investigations are still ongoing to find out whether his death was directly caused by the vaccine or unrelated factors.

Public Health January 12, 2019

Children's Hospital Wants To Restrict Young Visitors To Keep Flu At Bay

To prevent more children from contracting the flu, a hospital is temporarily restricting children under the age of 12 from visiting. The new policy will take effect this week as the 2018-2019 flu season continues to peak.

Public Health January 9, 2019

19 US States Now Beset With High Numbers Of Flu

The number of children who have died because of the flu has risen to 1, according to the most recent report of the CDC. Public health officials encourage everyone to get their vaccines.

Public Health January 5, 2019

FDA Approves Pediatric Vaccine That Protects Children From 6 Diseases

The Food and Drug Administration approved Sanofi and Merck's vaccine called Vaxelis. This will protect kids from six diseases of the 14 that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised to get immunized against.

Public Health December 27, 2018

Tennessee Congressman-elect Mark Green Says Vaccines Cause Autism

Tennessee Congressman-elect Mark Green made headlines when he said that there was a link between autism and vaccines. The Republican even accused CDC of data fraudulence, challenging the health agency to be transparent with their research.

Public Health December 13, 2018

Measles Cases Increase By 31 Percent In 2017, Parents Partly To Blame

In 2017, 173,330 cases of measles were recorded, a 31-percent increase from 2016. Health organizations partially pointed at parental neglect as a reason for the uptick.

Public Health November 30, 2018

Missouri Nurse Fired From Job For Refusing To Get Flu Shot

A nurse was terminated by the Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis because of her refusal to get flu shot. She cited religion as a reason for her decision not to be vaccinated.

Public Health November 29, 2018

Experimental Alzheimer's Vaccine Could Prevent Half Of All Cases, Says Study

A new experimental vaccine promises to delay the onset of Alzheimer's Disease by up to five years. The treatment already went through animal testing with promising results and will hopefully get approved for clinical trials.

Medicine November 26, 2018

People With Celiac Disease May Soon Be Able To Consume Gluten With New Vaccine

People with celiac disease might soon be able to eat bread and other products that contain gluten. A vaccine that prevents the immune system from recognizing the protein in gluten as a threat has entered the second phase of clinical trial.

Medicine November 8, 2018

Dozens Of Unvaccinated Students And Staff Pulled From School Because Of Chickenpox Outbreak

Because of a chickenpox outbreak, 38 students have been requested to stay out of class for several weeks. Unvaccinated staff members were also advised to stay away.

Public Health October 21, 2018

Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

The CDC has published a report that revealed that pregnant women are 40 percent more at risk of hospitalization if they do not get their flu shot. Public health officials recommend that everyone gets vaccinated this month.

Public Health October 15, 2018

CDC Says Number Of Unvaccinated Children Growing Alarmingly

A new report from the CDC revealed that more young children have not received their recommended vaccines. In the past year, an estimated 100,000 children have no vaccines at all to protect them from 14 preventable but deadly diseases.

Public Health October 13, 2018

FDA Expands Usage Of HPV Vaccine To Adults Aged 27 To 45

The FDA has approved the HPV vaccine Gardasil to be administered to men and women aged 27 to 45. The vaccine can protect individuals from nine types of HPV that cause certain cancers such as cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal.

Medicine October 7, 2018

Experimental GSK Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Tuberculosis Prevention

GSK revealed that the clinical trial of M72/AS01E, a vaccine against pulmonary tuberculosis disease, has reduced new cases in volunteers from Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa. The pharmaceutical company boasted 54 percent efficacy after two years of testing.

Medicine September 27, 2018

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