Surprising First-Person Shooter Game Releases on Nintendo Switch! Warface is here!
(Photo : Screenshot From Official Facebook Page) Warface on Nintendo Switch

An interesting announcement has just surfaced online as Crytek's very own free-to-play first-person shooter game launches on Steam! Here comes Warface on Nintendo Switch! Nintendo Switch is finally complete with arcade games, role-playing games, racing games, arcade games, and now, finally a first-person shooter game! 

Surprising First-Person Shooter Game Releases on Nintendo Switch! Warface is here!
(Photo : Screenshot From Official Facebook Page)
Warface on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has finally fully diversified its games

The Nintendo Switch is one of the newer consoles and has already been working with games for exclusivity and makes sure that they are able to keep their customers satisfied. The launch of Nintendo Switch's first first-person shooter game is truly a mark that Nintendo Switch is going even harder in the future!

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The Nintendo Switch is designed for swift and convenient gameplay that you can bring anywhere or enjoy in the comforts of any location you find yourself in. The portability of the Nintendo Switch gives gamers the advantage of being able to play their favorite games just about anywhere instead of having to be glued to their couch in front of the flat screen. Of course, this option is still available as the Nintendo Switch is quite compatible to play on the flat screen and allows even more players to enjoy the whole game in general.

Warface may be the start of many more first-person shooter games on Switch

Crytek's Warface is already in itself enough to satisfy those first-person shooter game fans with about 50 unique multiplayer maps with the competitive option of competing with players around the world. What's a little first-person shooter game without proper opponents? The intensive PVE encounters in this game allow players to join co-op missions and even raid. With about 200 weapons to choose from, players will enjoy the versatility of weapons available as well as have fun collecting even more!

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The PVE raids would be done through a story campaign style to encourage players to be more involved in the game in general instead of only focusing on tournaments. The zombie apocalypse and robot armies are something that make this game interesting as players have to not just battle their way to survive but also totally annihilate the enemy to prevent their domination!

The customization and choice of character allow for a better dimension on the Warface gameplay

There are five different classes to choose from and each of them have their own unique abilities. This is what brings this game to an interesting level because of how your choice of character could change your whole gaming tactics and gameplay. For players that want to take this game a step further, there are purchases you can make with real money or the in-game currency widely known as Kredits to buy different weapons and others to make your character stronger than ever.

The Nintendo Switch has attracted just the right attention

The Nintendo Switch has masterfully made its way to the market and with new games like Crytek's very own first-person shooter game Warface, there is no stopping Nintendo to add new games soon!

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