The Ford GT Series has been one of the most famous supercar series which collectors have grown to love, but are we seeing an end to this supercar-successful series? The first unveiling of the exclusive 647 horsepower beast known as the Ford GT was way back in 2015 and although that was a memorable day for every car enthusiast out there. For now, Ford has neither confirmed nor denied how they will retire the GT Series as to whether or not they will be releasing one last ride. 

Will Ford GT Series Go Out With One Last BANG!?
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Ford GT Mk II

The Ford GT was modeled to perfection getting bits and pieces of genius from everywhere

The mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged 3.5 liters EcoBoost V6 engine was what really set Ford GT in motion with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which made the Ford GT capable of functioning incredibly fast. The aerodynamics were carefully crafted and engineered to near perfection to make this speeding hot-rod able to take on massive challenges in the game of speed.

Ford has satisfied its customers by offering only their best with every car

Ford is understandably pricey, and if a half-a-million-dollar supercar is not able to perform to the fullest, Ford would not have been able to complete its mission. Ford also makes sure that the design of its cars is kept to the high standards of both functionality and luxury at the same time. They make beasts look beautiful, especially when Ford's new Liquid Carbon Editionstunned everyone in the car enthusiast community.

The Ford GT Mk II also came as a huge surprise to everyone in the market, which goes to show how Ford can make their top-performing models even more beautiful with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Ford has been working with brilliant designers and engineers to make sure that the Ford GT is able to cater to both the eye and the feel of the driver's hands behind the wheel.

Ford neither confirmed nor denied that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves

According to Dave Pericak, acting Director of Enterprise Product Line Management - Ford Icons, the company is always trying to up their game and that there might be some potential evolutions of the GT M II later on. This is as good a reply as any can hope for, and although it does not completely ensure car enthusiasts, it does in one way give them hope that there might be an upcoming update.

The limited-edition Ford GT MK II

There were only 45 cars of the Ford GT MK II built to ensure the prestige and pride of this model was preserved, but now, the Shelby GT500 poses a threat with its 760 horsepower 5.2 liter V8 being a more complicated pick between the Shelby GT500 and the Ford GT MK II. As of the moment, car enthusiasts can only hope that the Ford GT Series goes out with one more bang!

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