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2020 EcoBoost Mustang Soon To Be Most Powerful Sports Car From Ford

Ford will officially debut the 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost on Wednesday, April 17, as part of the National Mustang Day festivities. It will become the most powerful four-cylinder sports car offered by an American automaker when it goes on sale.

Car Tech April 16, 2019

Ferrari GTO Sold For $48.4 Million, Breaks Auction Record For Most Valuable Car

An exquisite 'Ferrari 250 GTO' shattered auction records after it was sold for $48.4 million on Saturday at the RM Sotheby's collector car sale. It broke the previous record of $38.1 million paid for a 1963 Ferrari in 2014.

Car Tech August 26, 2018

Apple And Samsung Back Standard For Opening Car Doors With Smartphones, Not Keys

The Car Connectivity Consortium is a group that brings together car makers and tech companies. It announced new technology that sets the standard for opening car doors with a smartphone.

Car Tech June 22, 2018

Parked Cars Can Hit Deadly Temperatures In Just 1 Hour: How To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

The heat inside a parked car could be deadly for kids in just one hour. Here are tips on how to prevent hot car injuries and death.

Feature | Health May 26, 2018

Car Temperatures Could Become Deadly After An Hour In Hot Sunlight, Study Says

A new study suggested that it could take only an hour for cars’ internal temperatures to become unbearable. The research team discovered that young children could be at significant risk if left inside vehicles during the summer.

Public Health May 25, 2018

Tesla Model 3 Production Temporarily Halted In 'Planned Production Pause' - Why?

The Tesla Model 3 is already facing delays, and its production is now temporarily halted again. This is the second such shutdown in three months, but the company says it's a 'planned production pause.'

Car Tech April 17, 2018

2019 Ford Edge ST Crossover SUV To Debut At Detroit Auto Show: New Trim, High Performance, And More

Ford is gearing up to introduce its new 2019 Edge ST performance SUV at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. It's the first Ford crossover to boast some serious performance tweaks, so here's a sneak peek.

Car Tech January 11, 2018

LA Auto Show: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Boasts More Safety Features And Advanced Technology Than Ever [Video]

FCA officially introduced the 2018 Jeep Wrangler at the LA Auto Show just as promised, and it doesn't disappoint. The new Jeep Wrangler offers more advanced technology and safety features than ever but also stays true to the original.

Car Tech November 29, 2017

BMW Is Recalling Over 1 Million Cars: Beware Of These Models, They Might Start Fires

BMW has announced it’s going to recall over a million cars by December with two primary issues that could cause some cars to burst into flames all of a sudden. The recall follows its meetings with the NHTSA.

Car Tech November 5, 2017

This Brilliant Ad For A Used 1996 Honda Accord Is Better Than Most Car Ads On TV

At $499, one woman’s used 1996 Honda Accord was an absolute steal. But all of a sudden, it’s now worth well above $50,000, and all because of one ad.

Internet November 4, 2017

Jaguar Unveils Removable Steering Wheel Powered By Artificial Intelligence: Yes, You Read That Right

Jaguar would like to reinvent the steering wheel for the future. It has now unveiled a concept AI-powered steering wheel you can take with you, plug into a car, then get to where you need to.

Car Tech September 4, 2017

Toyota Tipped To Unveil New Sports Car Lineup Next Month, But You Won’t Be Able To Buy One

There will be a new slew of sports cars from Toyota next month, which could be, in theory, the company’s equivalent of Lexus’s performance F series. These cars, however, might remain in Japan.

Car Tech August 28, 2017

Tim Cook: Apple Is Focusing On Autonomous Cars

Apple has spent the last few years toiling away on a car project but hadn't announced what it was. Tim Cook has finally revealed what it is, and unsurprisingly, it's autonomous cars.

Apple June 13, 2017

Researchers Scour Urban Methane Leaks Via Google Street View Cars

A set of specially equipped Google Street View cars have roamed the streets to detect methane leaks from natural gas pipelines. According to results, some urban locations may have more leaking pipelines than thought.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2017

Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage At Paris Motor Show 2016

Many carmakers opted to skip this year's Paris Motor Show, with some even choosing to showcase electric cars instead of luxury cars. There's a general atmosphere that the show is focused on emerging electric vehicles.

Car Tech September 30, 2016

Rare Jaguar, Shelby Cobra Become Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction

Two vintage classics recently broke records for the most expensive British- and American-made cars ever sold at an auction. What's so special about these race cars?

Car Tech August 21, 2016

Siri Doesn't Understand You? New Sensor With Laser Might Improve Voice Recognition Software

There are times when even Siri or Cortana can't understand what we need. Now, a new sensor that may soon be integrated into headsets and helmets may help improve speech recognition software.

Apps/Software June 16, 2016

Talking While Driving Dangerous Even If You’re Using Hands-Free Phone

Driving while talking on the phone is dangerous. This holds true regardless whether the driver holds the mobile device or uses it hands-free.

Car Tech June 12, 2016

Your Car Door Windows Do Not Shield Your Skin, Eyes From UV Rays

Front windshields offer more protection from UV-A rays than do car door windows. This is because they are made of laminated glass designed to prevent them from shattering.

Public Health May 13, 2016

Mitsubishi Admits Using Misleading Fuel Tests Since 1991

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) faces a scandal after revealing that it used misleading fuel tests for the past 25 years. The company's president issued an apology in a recently concluded press conference.

Business Tech April 27, 2016

Toyota And Clemson Team Up For uBox, A Concept Car Perfect For The Generation Z

Toyota and Clemson University have unveiled their uBox concept, through the Deep Orange collaboration. This concept is specifically built for the next generation of car buyers, called Generation Z.

FUTURE TECH April 13, 2016

The Measures One Company Is Making To Protect Cars From Cybersecurity Attacks

Karamba Security's technology simply doesn't allow any foreign codes into vehicles, thus blocking entry points to possible hacks.

FUTURE TECH April 7, 2016

Lightweight Titanium Alloy May Help Build Lighter Vehicles That Use Less Fuel

A new and improved titanium alloy is 10 to 15 percent stronger than those commercially available in the market. This new metal is stronger than steel and can be used to create lightweight vehicles.

April 4, 2016

This Is How Mexico Plans To Fight Air Pollution And Why This May Not Work

Mexico City implemented a stricter car ban through its 'no circulation' policy to curb its rising smog and air pollution levels. Will these measures work or simply result in inconvenience and worsen the problem in the long term?

Earth/Environment April 4, 2016

North Texas Storm May Cost $300 Million In Car Repairs Alone

The hailstorms last Thursday that pounded cars and rolled across North Texas could lead to $300 million in vehicle repairs alone. The storms left the streets with debris, leaves, and some remnants of damaged structures, and did not spare the Fort Worth police headquarters and zoo.

Earth/Environment March 21, 2016

Vehicles That Talk To Each Other May Eliminate Need For Traffic Lights

MIT scientists plans to develop a technology enabling vehicles to communicate with each other so there will be no need for traffic lights. Though this may not happen anytime soon, this technology is promising.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2016

Car Sales Up In The US: What's Driving The Growth?

Car sales in the United States just went up this February. Some of the manufacturers that reported an increase include Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

Business March 2, 2016

EPA Asks Mercedes-Benz For Diesel Emissions Data

Last Feb. 18, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Mercedes-Benz for allegedly cheating emissions regulations for its diesel engine cars. The EPA said it has requested data on emission levels from the company and has not actually started an official investigation into the matter.

Business March 2, 2016

Driving Car Regularly Cuts Dementia Risk, Study Shows

Researchers found that regular driving among seniors can decrease risk for dementia. As physical and cognitive functions further decline in old age, pensioners should come up with ways to keep social functions and mobility.

Life January 25, 2016

US Government Will Sue Volkswagen For Violating EPA's Clean Air Act

It looks like car manufacturer Volkswagen didn't get memos on the Clean Air Act's standards and regulations - so much so that the U.S. government intends to sue the company for emission violations.

Legal January 4, 2016

Kelley Blue Book Lists The Top Cars Of 2016 According To Resale Value

The auto experts over at Kelley Blue Book have made a list of the best cars of 2016 according to resale value. If you're looking for a car and a sound investment, this is for you.

FUTURE TECH December 17, 2015

New Dry Pellets Become Glue When Smashed

The genius invention will make it possible to bind tiny pieces of smartphones, cars and planes.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2015

George Barris, Creator Of The Original Batmobile, Dies At 89

The creator of the Batmobile and Hollywood king of car customization, George Barris, died on Thursday at the age of 89 from cancer.

Movies/TV Shows November 6, 2015

Mean Metal Motors Aims To Build India’s First Supercar

Mean Metal Motors founder has developed concepts for the first supercar to be produced in India, called the M-Zero.

FUTURE TECH October 27, 2015

2016 Mini Convertible Revealed, All Set For Release In March 2016

The BMW Group announced the next MINI Convertible. It still has the go-kart feel, says the BMW Group.

FUTURE TECH October 23, 2015

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 And Targa 4 All-Wheel-Drives Get New 3.0-Liter Six-Twin Turbo Engine And 370 Horsepower

Porsche will release the 2017 911 Carrera 4 and Targa 4 models with all wheel-drive and a 3L flat-six, twin-turbo engine that outputs 370 ponies. The 4s variants will have a modified compressor that will enable them to output 420 hp.

FUTURE TECH October 10, 2015

Elon Musk Reveals The Tesla Model Y, And It Might Have Falcon Wing Doors

Elon Musk disclosed that aside from the Model 3, Tesla will also launch the Model Y. Which of the two will have falcon wing doors?

FUTURE TECH October 7, 2015

Nissan’s Teatro For Dayz Concept Car Is A Distracted Driving Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Nissan unveils Teatro for Dayz, its wacky electric car concept suited to the tastes of the younger generation. Teatro for Dayz will be exhibited at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

FUTURE TECH October 6, 2015

Google Wants To Make Self-Driving Cars Drive Like 'Humans': Is The Future Of Road Safety In Trouble?

Google is making its driverless cars act in a more 'humanistic' fashion. Will introducing human features beat the project's entire purpose of removing human error and making roads safer?

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2015

You Can Now Buy 'Anki Overdrive' In The US And Canada

The robotics and AI battle-racing game 'Anki Overdrive' is now available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada. Here's what's new in this follow-up to the popular Anki Drive game.

Gadgets September 22, 2015

All-New 2016 Honda Civic Parked In Ann Arbor Leaked In Photos

Photos of a 2016 Honda Civic sedan were snapped in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a few days prior to the official unveiling. Features of the 2016 Civic coupe concept were carried over.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

Ten Automakers Commit To Putting Automatic Emergency Brakes In Cars To Help Prevent Crashes

Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo have pledged to put automatic emergency braking in all their vehicles. That's significant, considering these 10 auto manufacturers accounted for 57 percent of car and light-duty truck sales in the United States last year.

FUTURE TECH September 11, 2015

Tesla Model S P85D 'Breaks' The Consumer Reports Ratings System By Earning Higher Than A Perfect Score

The Tesla Model S P85D earned a 103 out of a possible 100 points in its recent road test review by Consumer Reports. Here's why the car is nearly perfect.

FUTURE TECH August 27, 2015

Tesla Releases A Patch After Hackers Find Model S Is Vulnerable To Hacking

Two security researchers were able to hack into the Tesla Model S, exposing six vulnerabilities. However, Tesla had been working on the issues and has released patch updates.

FUTURE TECH August 6, 2015

Average Age Of Cars On US Roads Hits Record-High 11.5 Years

Americans are either keeping their old cars when buying new ones or putting them on the used-car market, resulting in this automotive survey's findings that the average car is nearly 12 years old.

FUTURE TECH July 29, 2015

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