Coronavirus Disease Forces China to Buy Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Game on Bulk with 3x Higher Prices!
(Photo : Nintendo ) Coronavirus Disease Forces China to Buy Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Game on Bulk with 3x Higher Prices!

Nintendo Switch has launched a new exercise game last year titled 'Ring Fit Adventure.' Interestingly, this game became a popular hit in Coronavirus' most affected country China as of today, that forces Chinese resellers to be overpriced the game with triple their original prices-- and people are still buying it on bulk. But why is that?

This game is now the 'source of fun' in China amid Coronavirus spread

Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has already reached over 2,000 death tolls and more than 70,000 victims all over the world-- highest in China, as of Feb. 23. This rate is going fast that China is now doing all their best to keep its citizens safe from all these horrible deaths since people are not able to go outside to stay away from the spread.

And since people in China are now scared to go outside of their homes, they seemed to find an alternative to interact with other people wherein they can exercise and have fun at the same time.

Ring Fit Adventure now has a rapidly increased sale in China

As mentioned, Ring Fit Adventure was launched last year by Nintendo Company for Nintendo Switch that aims its users to enjoy a fantastical world filled with dragons and minions while getting them to exercise and body build. Players can jog in place, lift their bodies, and achieve other customizable workout routines by using the Ring-Con and one Joy-Con slot for a more intense workout.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo Switch is now being used by Chinese citizens to entertain themselves at home. At the same time, they are stuck inside their houses.

Not only that, but Ahmad also revealed that the game is now on its highest peak sale in the country, which gives an idea for most Chinese resellers to sell them for way overpriced prices, and people still buy it.

People still buy this overpriced Nintendo game from $79 to $250 due to Coronavirus

As seen on Nintendo's website, Ring Fit Adventure can be bought for the suggested retail price of $79.99. However, as of today, most online markets in China are now offering the game to triple their prices of more than $250.

This was also revealed by Ahmad on which he also posted pictures of the bulk orders received by the game on his Twitter account.

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