The United States is among the most recent countries to be hit by the coronavirus or Covid-19, which has already spread worldwide and has already caused fear in the heart of everyone around the Earth as the total death toll of this virus is building. Just recently, the deadly virus has made it to Harris Country or rather Houston and has already infected two different individuals. Although the numbers may be small, the fact that this virus is traveling faster than expected is alarming! The United States is sending an $8.3 Billion emergency package for Donald Trump to sign this very moment. 

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What is Trump doing about the Coronavirus? Harris County, Houston Infected and United States Passes $8.3 Billion Emergency Package to Prevent Further Outbreaks
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Donald Trump on Coronavirus

The utilization of this budget could mean huge progress to the world

With this budget being utilized, there are quite a number of things we can finally achieve in the battle against the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19. The United States plans to allocate about $3 billion into vaccine research and $2.2 billion into prevention as well as preparedness efforts. This proposal made its way last week as this has finally become something of interest for the Donald Trump administration. The United States has not yet had a huge death toll, but they are already working on a countermeasure before things get any worse.

A vaccine is already being made, and the implications of this budget is that the research could be sped up to make sure that everyone gets their due vaccine to save them from the deadly coronavirus. Another implication of this budget could mean that the vaccine would then be made affordable to those around to make sure that every single citizen is protected. About $2.2 billion would be allocated towards public health and about $950 million towards supporting the local agencies and the state itself!

Aside from the vaccine and other futuristic plans, this budget also helps save the NOW

A huge portion of this budget is being put to reverse the damage and also prevent it in the future, but what about Donald Trump's move on dealing with the crisis already at hand? About $1 billion of the budget goes straight towards medical supplies, community health centers, and other health-care preparedness to deal with the damage that is already done by the coronavirus or Covid-19 within the United States. About $1.25 billion will go towards the battle of this virus overseas as well. The spread of this virus into Harris Country or Houston rather has already proven that it is moving fast on U.S. soil.

The coronavirus is on its way to being a pandemic

The health officials who have been watching this virus closely have claimed that the coronavirus or Covid-19 is already on its way to become a pandemic if things are not taken care of as the number of infected within the United States alone are already piling up. The disease was pinpointed to originate from Wuhan and has already infected tens of thousands of people sending 3,200 to their deaths. This virus has already made its way across the globe and has now been able to infiltrate the U.S. With Donald Trump signing this bill, we may be able to prevent the spread of this virus past Harris Country, Houston, and the rest of the U.S.

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