Apple has been known to develop technology users can wear that can monitor your heart rates and help spot life-threating illnesses all in just a touch of a button. Though criticized for how theses devices look, it sure is not a brainer to tell that it works very well when trying to track your vitals, which is the main purpose anyways. The Apple Watch Series 6 will be coming in the future with this feature.

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Apple Watch can be used to detect more health problems in the future

According to a statement from 9to5mac, Apple is currently working on a new feature that your wristwatch can now detect blood oxygen levels. You will be able to receive notifications if your blood oxygen saturation falls to a particular threshold. 

These saturations the blood can also indicate a lot of health conditions with 95 to 100% for a healthy base. Anything that is below 80% could mean life-threating respiratory or cardiac arrest. Having this with you every day is pretty much convenient. It can help you save money from expensive medical technology and lessen trips to the doctor.

An upgrade on the ECG is also likely to come as well. It has been reported that Apple is removing a failed electro diagram function on the Apple Series 4 and 5 that has resulted in incomplete ECG readings with the heart rates at 100 and 120 beats per minute. Another update will be coming to watchOS to fix an issue wherein the fourth and fifth-gen models do not prompt alerts when detecting irregular heartbeat in some users. The company has stated that this bug issue only impacted those who are in Iceland. 

Apple has also launched clinical research in the past to figure out if the Apple Watch can detect AFib

On February 25, Apple and Johnson & Johnson have partnered up to make a new study that is called "Heartline" where they try to detect Atrial Fibrillation or nad reduce the risk of stroke altogether. In this research, only citizens who are above the age of 65 are the ones eligible to participate. 

On a statement  regarding this by Apple's Head of Health Strategic Initiatives, Myoung Cha, "Apple technology is making a meaningful impact on scientific research through the powerful capabilities of iPhone and Apple Watch, all with privacy at the center of the participant experience."

It is unclear as to whether these new features will appear, but one thing is for sure, this type of technology can really help to keep track of vital medical information especially heart rates, stroke, and heart problems. They have been making a huge contribution to science and technology.

Apple Watch has been known for saving a number of people's lives including a teen from an SVT and another one from a car crash.

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