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Global dating app Tinder scrapped worldwide launch plans for its in-app streaming series "Swipe Night." The decision comes on the heels of recommendation it gave users about meeting possible love interests in real life as coronavirus continues to spread worldwide.

The series, called Swipe Night, decided to debut the subsequent series of its 'apocalyptic adventure' this week; however, it paused the release out of sensitivity for its worldwide audience, given the show's plot revolves around the end of the world.

The dating app was excited to bring its new innovation outside of the U.S. But given its "apocalyptic theme" and how the current events had turned out, Tinder said launching the series "in the right spirit" would be challenging.

Tinder didn't provide more on its specificity while the series could be launched to its users outside of its short statement.

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What is this innovation all about?

Tinder's first Swipe Night became an 'Apocalyptic' survival story and consisted of brief five-minute videos all through which users were periodically given seven seconds to select what happens next.

Once the 'adventure' is completed, users are matched together depending on which 'moral' and 'practical' selections they made.

Once matched, users can see a list of each other's decisions that Tinder hopes will act as a kind of conversation-starter.

The feature designed to suit users based on the selections they make at some point in a quick 'first-individual apocalyptic adventure.'

All of the episodes are 'live,' so-to-speak, with each given a chance for viewing only between 6pm and 12 midnight throughout a respective customers' local time.

According to Tinder, its first iteration, which aired in October, changed into a major achievement and translated to a 26 percent growth in matches over a regular Sunday night time with a 12 percent increase in messages despatched.

Tinder said the first season in the U.S. had been viewed through millions and had led to a double-digit increase in matches and messages. As a result, Tinder decided to release the second season of the show in the U.S. and roll out the first season to worldwide markets.

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Tinder helps users take precautionary measures vs. COVID-19

Cancelling Swipe Night is not the only step Tinder is taking to mitigate the virus. Variety said the organization also sent out a word to users about the way to handle in-person meetups.

In addition to pulling "Swipe Night," Tinder sent out recommendations to its customers on taking precautions against COVID-19 if their matches become real-life meetups.

"Tinder is a tremendous area to fulfill new people. While we want you to maintain to have fun, protecting your self from the coronavirus is extra important," reads a user prompt uploaded to the app last week. Tinder also provided an instantaneous link dedicated to coronavirus on the World Health Organization's website.

While some of Hollywood movies are getting delayed due to concerns about moviegoer attendance, Tinder's choice was clearly extra about its show's content. Now is not the time to dramatize the apocalypse for fun, in other words.

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