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Tech giant Huawei joins the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with the help of using their technology in hopes of deterring the spread of the virus. They are using a detection system they developed and are now in testing in some countries.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @nettrank)

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Where is it Currently Being Used?

The hospitals it's used right now are in Ecuador and the Philippines with many more other countries that are interested in availing of this technology. The two countries mentioned a while ago have a close connection with the tech giant due to the high number of sales of their smartphones and thus garnered the approval of Huawei's disease detection. 

How is Huwaei Helping the Fight?

They are using a different approach for the diagnosis of the COVID-19 rather than current means like sampling and analysis. Since the coronavirus attacks the lungs as we all know now. The images are transferred to Huawei Cloud servers, and this is where they are analyzed by AI based on data that continues to grow every day. 

The AI has an astounding 98% chance of accuracy and is directly provided to doctors and medical staff within just two minutes of the analysis. The technology, however, is still by any means to mean that if ever you are infected, doctors would conclude that indeed have the coronavirus in you. Instead, this is an excellent alternative to traditional testing that usually takes a considerable time than two minutes. 

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The AI should be able to distinguish the severity of stages the infection has in the body and through the CT scans. This, in turn, helps the medical staff to give a further diagnosis to aid the infected and do proper treatment and quarantine if necessary. 

Current Ways to Test for COVID-19

The usual way of testing if you have the coronavirus is through just taking a sample of your saliva via a mouth swab, and then your sample gets tested in a lab to deter if you have traces of the disease. This usually takes a longer time than Huawei's method and even now is still not 100% accurate due to other kits being faulty or that the traces are so small that it wouldn't be detected in the initial test. This, in turn, requires another test to be done, but if you are indeed infected and don't know it yet the possible spread is alarming enough.

The coronavirus, as of the time of writing, has over 532,150 cases from the worldometer website, which continues to track the number of cases in the world. The deaths are an astounding 24,083, but the good news is that the number of recovered is far more than those of fatalities, which comes at about 124,326.

With more and more cases coming in worldwide, the means for testing for the coronavirus is now becoming more and more of a need if we are to get rid of the pandemic if you're symptomatic or not, thanks to Huawei for thinking outside the box. 

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