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The 20 Biggest Tech Fails Of The 2000s

While the 2000s were a period for great tech innovations, there were also plenty of flops. Here are the biggest technology fails during the previous decade.

Computers April 19, 2018

Perfect Hotel For Techies: Here Are 5 Of The Most High-Tech Hotels Around The World

Space pods, multilingual robots as hotel staff, keyless room entry - you'll find these features in super high-tech hotels that will easily be paradise for any tech junkie. Check out our top five.

Life & Style April 10, 2017

Dyson Engineers Create A High-Tech Christmas Tree, Complete With Hovering Ornaments

A team of researchers, engineers and designers at Dyson used its tech to create an innovative office Christmas tree that features ornaments that bounce in mid-air.

Society December 17, 2015

The 8 Best Tech Documentaries To Stream Right Now On Netflix

Get your geek on with these tech documentaries available to stream on Netflix, including the biographies of Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and Walter L. Shaw.

Feature September 4, 2015

The 8 Best Back-To-School Gadgets You Need For College This Year

Back-to-school season means its time to go shopping for the best tech gadgets that will help students make it through the year. From wireless printers to mobile gaming consoles, here are the best gadgets aimed toward college kids.

Gadgets August 24, 2015

Podmasters: 5 Great Tech Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now

Tech podcasts are always informative, but many fall flat by offering commentary without engaging stories. These podcasts tell the stories of tech's ever-growing role in our lives.

Feature August 18, 2015

Makerbase Allows The Internet To Connect With Web Creators And See All Their Projects

A new database called Makerbase, which is the like the IMBd for the tech world, launched Tuesday as part of the first White House Demo Day.

Internet August 5, 2015

A New Ultrafast Light Source Is Setting The Stage For Optical Computing

Capable of blinking at the incomprehensible speed of 90 billion times per second, a new light source represents a key step toward optical computers. These computers could, in theory, run even faster than current computers.

August 5, 2015

The White House Launches First-Ever Demo Day To Encourage Tech Diversity

President Obama is hosting the first-ever White House Demo Day to increase diversity in tech.

Start Ups August 4, 2015

Empowering Drones With Insectlike Eyes

An ‘artificial eye’ modeled off those of insects could lead to big advances for small drones. The tiny sensors weigh just a couple of milligrams, far smaller than any digital camera that is available today.

FUTURE TECH August 3, 2015

‘Smart Wires’ In Bionic Hand Contract The Same Way Natural Muscles Do

A chief goal of prosthetic appendages is to resemble the natural body parts they replace as closely as possible. Equipped with new 'smart wire' technology, this bionic hand mimics the system that natural muscles use to move, allowing it to be more lightweight and flexible.

FUTURE TECH July 22, 2015

Amazon Web Services Announces Plan To Build Massive Solar Farm In Virginia

Internet giant Amazon Web Services announced a plan to build the largest solar farm in the state of Virginia to further its recent commitment to renewable energy. The plant will provide power to the company’s data centers.

Energy June 10, 2015

3 High-Tech Health Treatments You May Want To Consider

Summer sun can wreak havoc on your system. Dr. Michael Lin shares medical therapies that may help alleviate potentially serious conditions.

Feature June 8, 2015

Watch These Broken Robots Learn How To Walk Again All On Their Own (Video)

Robots can now learn to function in the face of damage without the help of a human. A new computer algorithm could help robots save lives in dangerous situations.

FUTURE TECH May 27, 2015

Introducing An App That Puts Holistic Hair Help At Your Fingertips

Education, engagement and inspiration are the driving forces behind this new app. The goal: Bridging the communication gap between stylist and client.

Internet Culture May 27, 2015

Memorial Day 2015: The 7 Best Gadgets For Your BBQ

Spend more time with your guests and less time busy with hosting tasks by adding these gadgets to your Memorial Day barbecue.

Geek May 20, 2015

Better Than Segway? New 'Electrike' Promises To Plow Through Bumps With Ease

Are three wheels greater than two? Electrike, a Belgian electric scooter company, thinks so.

Gadgets May 19, 2015

Watch Two Daredevils In Jetpacks Soar Above Dubai In 4K Resolution

Yves Rossy, a.k.a. Jetman, takes to the skies once again in this stunning 4K video of him and a partner soaring above Dubai.

Internet Culture May 13, 2015

Suffering From Allergies? There's An App For That, Courtesy Of Boiron

Homeopathic remedies are going high-tech. Boiron's app offers solutions for dealing with allergies and other health concerns the natural way.

Internet Culture May 11, 2015

Health Advice: Don't Forget To Clean Your Tech Devices To Avoid Harmful Bacteria

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Here's how to clean your iPad, phone and computer.

Internet Culture May 8, 2015

Brain Control On A Budget: Gadget Allows Users To Control Someone Else’s Arm

DIY neuroscience company Backyard Brains has developed an inexpensive device that allows users to control part of another person’s body with their brains.

Gadgets May 8, 2015

Beauty Breakthrough: High-Tech Hair Extensions Applied With Ultrasound Waves

Tech-driven salons are the latest thing on the beauty scene. New York City's RPZL utilizes ultrasound waves to apply hair extensions and other digital extras, like an instant selfie booth, charging docks and tablets at each chair.

Internet Culture May 6, 2015

Kids Struggle To Understand VHS/VCRs In Latest React Video

Kids today watch movies and TV on any number of different devices. So what happens when they are presented with a VCR and VHS tape? Utter confusion.

Internet Culture March 16, 2015

New Kim Kardashian Apps Are Coming!

Kim Kardashian revealed in an interview with 'Adweek' that she plans on releasing more mobile apps after the success of 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.'

Geek March 4, 2015

Finally, You Will Be Able To Get 'Back To The Future's' Self-Lacing Sneakers

The year depicted in 'Back to the Future Part II' is finally here, and we might actually get those awesome self-lacing shoes.

Movies/TV Shows January 7, 2015

People Pledged $529 Million To Kickstarter Projects In 2014

Kickstarter's '2014: By The Numbers' shows that crowdfunding isn't going away anytime soon.

Internet Culture January 5, 2015

For the Love of Tech: Do No Harm; Don't Be Evil; Don't Suck

The tech world isn't all dog eat dog, phone vs. phone or blog vs. blog. Sometimes tech players act in the interest of the greater good and consumers, even if they might need a bit of motivation to make it happen.

Business December 31, 2014

PS4 vs. Xbox One: One Year Later, How Do They Stack Up?

Now that both consoles have been out a year, how do they compare?

Geek November 18, 2014

McDonald's goes high-tech for millennials

Select Southern California McDonald’s locations are testing a “Build Your Burger” program that allows customers to place customized burgers on tablets. McDonald’s servers deliver the open-faced burgers for dine-in customers in hopes of attracting more millenials.

Movies/TV Shows September 11, 2014

Archaeologists unearth hidden monuments at Stonehenge

A detailed map reveals Stonehenge secrets, confirming earlier research that suggested that the Stonehenge had 17 other shrines nearby, including a "super henge." Researchers surveyed the land using high-tech tools to uncover the secrets.

Internet Culture September 10, 2014

Apple debuting 4 iWatches? Move into wearables predicted to be big

Apple could be debuting a number of iWatches along with the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9. Rumors abound over what those wearable devices might be, and it has observers excited about a new device from the company.

Wearable Tech August 29, 2014

Female tech execs model for controversial underwear ad

Dear Kate underwear company unveiled a new ad that features real female tech execs modeling the underwear. The controversial ad aims at empowering women in tech, but some find it hard to take the women seriously.

Internet Culture August 25, 2014

Hackers learn some new tricks at Def Con on avoiding surveillance

This year, given the Edward Snowden revelations and national agency spying activity, the Def Con security conference is one focused heavily on surveillance technology and issues. As one presenter told attendees, there also are low-tech ways to find out if you're being watched.

Apps/Software August 11, 2014

This one photo sums up Silicon Valley

A cover image for Bloomberg Businessweek sums up the stereotypical Silicon Valley ‘bro.’ The common techy with all the latest gadgets and arrogant attitude is excused by their economical value.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

There are ears everywhere--even in your potato chip bag

Watch out! That bag of potato chips has all the information MIT engineers need to recreate exactly what you're saying.

FUTURE TECH August 7, 2014

China warns Microsoft: Don't hinder antitrust probe

Microsoft has been told by Chinese officials to keep its distance from an antitrust investigation. China is looking into Microsoft's practices in the country to determine whether it violates country's monopoly laws.

Apps/Software August 4, 2014

Twitter: We have a lot of work to do when it comes to employee diversity

Revelations regarding Twitter's employee diversity reveal it has a lot of work to do, and that comes straight from the diversity chief at the social networking company. The company's workforce, like many tech titans, is mostly white males.

Business July 24, 2014

Google Glass goes high fashion, will it bring out the sexy in geek?

Google is teaming up once again with Diane von Furstenberg to help design Glass for women. The move aims to open up the market.

Wearable Tech June 3, 2014

Samsung, Apple, Microsoft face off in the wearable tech war

Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are continuing to do battle for the wearable tech future. The war is bringing about some unique and innovative products.

Wearable Tech May 30, 2014

Soy sauce element, yawning cause, sun's sibling are among top 5 scientific revelations of the week

Get caught up on the latest science and research reports. Yes, soy sauce is being investigated as a potential drug to stopping the spread of HIV.

FUTURE TECH May 10, 2014

Report: Americans not keen on driverless cars, lab-grown meat or drones in commercial air space

While most Americans expect tech to have a positive impact on society, with 59 percent optimistic coming technological changes will make life better, 30 percent believe changes will lead to a future in which people are worse off than they are today. And most wouldn't opt for a brain transplant to improve memory.

April 17, 2014

Are you worried about the tech stock tumble?

Tech stocks saw a major decline on April 10, and has investors fearful of a continued downturn in the market.

Money April 13, 2014

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