RuneScape gets a much-needed update after four years. A much-anticipated expansion may be an understatement, but players from the past and present finally got the chance to play with new things and places to explore in the update.

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What's the Scoop

Last year in 2019, Jagex was able to release an update called Land Out of Time, which is an expansion for the current game, Runescape. It features an island that is full of prehistoric creatures that you may or may not want to hunt and slay(choose the latter, it's more rewarding).

Ryan Philpott, who is a content developer, had this to say, "We had to keep in mind every type of player exploring this skill," and added, "You'll get snippets of lore instead of an information dump that could overwhelm casual fans. That said, there's still much to learn, and it's drip-fed generously. Other than Summoning, which is tailored to a hardcore, higher-level crowd, our rewards for Archaeology can be appreciated at any level."

At the beginning of the expansion, your Archeology journey brings you at the Kharid-Et dig site; this is where you will receive your first Mattock, which is the skill's signature tool for being able to do Archeology chains. Beneath the city of Al Kharid is where you will uncover long-lost relics of the God Wars, which includes weapons and ancient magics previously thought lost.

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In the later stages of the expansion, you will see Archaeologist face off against the archaic Warforge dig site. This level will let you have to utilize the new equipment as well as the knowledge to uncover the secrets of Bandos and his vast armies.

If and when you have decided to focus on Archaeology, you will be able to obtain an elite skilling outfit that will grant you unlimited teleports to dig sites and an overall increase success rate for excavation. Pretty neat for a reward if you think about it yourself.

Why Archaeology Anyway?

The reason for the shift to Archaeology is to bring the community back together again. Able to work with people you know and trust as well as randoms that are passing by or happen to need or do the same thing you and your friends are doing. A closed economy also ensures that all the items are tradeable, allowing a network of players to work together to level up and, more importantly, have fun. OG adventurers will be able to train along with the newbies and polish their brand new mattocks, together. This can also open new doors for possible friendships and players to have a mentor-apprentice relationship.

The expansion comes with new buffs, rare treasure, and more locations to enjoy. RuneScape's latest update is more than just a new skill but will equip you with the necessary tools for the upcoming update, which features the much-awaited Elder God War Dungeon later on this year. Grab your mattocks and start digging because war is coming.

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