Otetepon Push Stamp
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @JapanTrendShop)

If you ever question your friends and family if they washed their hands properly, fret no more. A new handstamp device that detects if you wash it correctly or not is out now and as funny as it sounds. You might need it more than ever, given the circumstances we live in today. 

Otetepon Push Stamp
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter of @JapanTrendShop)

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You've probably heard about the handwashing songs out there that are making the rounds on the internet, but have you ever thought of someone being able to think of using kid stamps to practice hygiene? Probably not.

How Can A Handstamp Detect Proper Handwashing Has Been Done?

It is a brilliant idea that was made by a company in Japan called Shahcihata. It is made from simple food coloring that is used in kitchens all over the world; aptly named Otetepon Push Stamp, leaves behind a cartoon image of an angry germ that can only be scrubbed off with at least 30 seconds of proper handwashing.

This was primarily designed for the use of kids and the importance of handwashing, but who's to say that adults would need it as well to make sure that everything is squeaky clean, nowadays. This would give much-needed ease of mind for everyone in your household and make sure that everyone is following strict handwashing protocols right down to the letter.

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How Many Stamps Can One Bottle Do?

One bottle of this ingenious device can do about 1,000 stamps so that you can stamp away at the back of the hand, inside and even the sides, to make sure they wash their hands properly and not just the area where the angry germ was placed. To effectively wash away the angry germ, make sure to wash your hands properly and make sure not to miss out on those spaces between your fingers as well as under your fingernails.

The practice could help fight the spread of not just the coronavirus but makes people practice proper handwashing and make it a new religion.

The Otetepon Push Stamp is relatively affordable for its design but makes no mistake on how useful this simple tool can be in terms of enforcing a good routine that all should be doing now more than ever.

It's priced at 26 USD right now in the Japan Trend Shop and comes with the color pink and blue for your preference.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all around the globe, practicing a cautious lifestyle is more approved now more than ever. From social distancing, wearing face masks, staying indoors, and proper handwashing, this is the best time to teach the next generation how to survive and make this a norm for them as most of us now are still getting used to it.

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