Learning something new might be a challenge for most people, but not for this app! What can you learn from this app? Sign language!

Indeed learning this skill is useful, especially if you want to communicate appropriately to the people with hearing impairment or maybe you want to learn in case you need it.

Drops Scripts
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How to Learn Sign Language Using Your Smartphone

The Scripts app enables you to learn how to do sign language effectively. What better time than now when the pandemic is forcing most people to stay at home, and you should improve on yourself now more than ever. 

Gone are the days when interacting with a hearing-impaired person where you lacked the knowledge to converse correctly and ended up writing down what you had to say for you both to understand each other. 

Over 450 million people around the world have some hearing disability. As unfortunate as it sounds, it doesn't mean you can't be one of the people who can interact with them appropriately and treat them with the respect they deserve. The number is based on the World Health Organization.

Sometime last year, the language app Drops have created their counterpart for being able to learn American sign language called Scripts. It effectively teaches you in just about five minutes per day a few simple signs that would be able to help you sign properly. It's perfect for people who are always busy, but just a five-minute routine would be just what the doctor ordered for your brain to keep flowing. 

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The app teaches ASL or American Sign Language using immersive lessons and, of course, games. This is to keep it engaging and fresh, which you'd invest more and more of your time with as time passes by.

Daniel Farkas, the CEO of Drops said, "We believe it's important to normalize sign language alphabets in the context of other mainstream alphabets, and that's why we decided to add ASL."

ASL is a Language You Must Learn

There are a lot of languages out there that are essential for business and personal growth of an individual. The team that created Drop's offers more and more languages as their app is growing more and more popular over time. Unknown languages like Ainu, an indigenous language in Japan, have been added to the apps as well!

"Too often we've seen 'niche or nontraditional' languages siloed into separate learning systems, and they're at risk of disappearing forever," and added, "It is important for Drops to not only offer these languages but to have them available alongside the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world and preserve them for our future generations," Farkas noted.

You can use Scripts for free, of course, and is available in Android and iOS right now, the downside of their free version is the wait time of 10 hours in between lessons. Or you can subscribe for $10 per month to get their premium Drops membership.

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