You're probably sitting at home right now, lounging on your couch or laying on your bed. Things could be better. While following the orders, consider this is the best time to hone your skills in cooking since you now have your kitchen all to yourself. We have gathered a bunch of the best cooking classes online for you to take.

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These are the best online cooking classes to take now

French Patisserie with Dominique Ansel

If you've heard of Masterclass, then you'll know that a certain master leads all of their workshops and lessons in their field. If you want to take a pasty French course, Dominique Ansel, the French-born chef who made New York's best cronut, is the best choice for you.

This is a 17-lesson course that covers classic recipes to bigger creations. You never know, you might even be able to make the perfect croissant.

Restaurant-Quality Food with Gordon Ramsey

Want to make your own high-quality supper at home? The best way to do this is to learn from the master himself, Gordon Ramsay, who holds seven Michelin stars from his many restaurants.

This is an eight-lesson Masterclass that will teach you the basics first before moving on to advanced recipes. This will surely help you hold those fancy dinner parties you've wanted throw--but maybe after the lockdown.

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Learn to Make London's Sweet Treats

Notting Hill's Biscuiteers are probably one of the most delicious and coveted bakes in the city--whether its a present for a loved one or you feel like munching them all by yourself.

On their website, you can easily learn how to make these wonderful treats with a series of lessons that consist of making the perfect dough to creating the perfect icing in various shapes.


This is a community-based photo tutorial that is pretty much perfect for those who want to set up their own kitchen and gain confidence with just a little low commitment. The best part? It's free!

You can enroll in either a Meat Class, Bread Class, or Cooking Class for a bunch of lessons that will help you in setting up, and show you the tools to work with and go through various techniques and products. This will ultimately help you get armed with the ability to achieve basic skills in cooking.

The Chef and the Dish

According to CNET, "With The Chef and The Dish, a chef from just about anywhere on Earth, can join you in your kitchen in real-time, via the social-distancing-approved method of Skype. Worldwide cuisine is represented authentically by chefs in those locations, whether you want to explore Brazilian steak, Hungarian goulash or Singaporean satay."


If you want to see some more list of online cooking classes, click here!

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