(Photo : Screenshot from Official Facebook Page of San Diego Comicon)

San Diego's Comic-Con is canceled for the first time since its inception due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that's been canceling events left and right. 

(Photo : Screenshot from Official Facebook Page of San Diego Comicon)

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No More Comic-Con?

Unless you have been living under a rock, San Diego's Comic-Con is one of the most significant events you would want to attend to at least once in your life if you are an avid fan of anything that's fiction. Yes, from superheroes to anime, manga, and plenty more of panels of your favorite start in the tv shows you follow avidly, this is the place to be and nowhere else. 

The schedule for SDCC or San Diego Comic-Con was supposed to be on the dates of Jul. 23 to 26, respectively. The people who already purchased badges for the event will get the opportunity to request for a full-on refund or transfer their badges to Comic-Con 2021. 

With the news of 2021's Comic-Con, it gives fans a light of hope that it won't be canceled next year. According to organizers, those who booked hotels via onPeak, the service that is used in partnership with SDCC, will also be able to issue refunds on their deposits.

The organizers had this to say, "Continuous monitoring of health advisories and recent statements by the Governor of California has made it clear that it would not be safe to move forward with plans for this year,"

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What's So Important

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the major attractions or daresay highlights of the city. With over more than 130,000 people who attended the last 2018 as well as 2016 and 2017 showing the same numbers. 

People all over the world who are fans and want to show out their cosplay and more go to this event and is a massive boon to the economy of San Diego every time SDCC comes into play. 

SDCC is the latest event canceled again amidst the coronavirus pandemic, with fears that a lot more people might be infected due to this event. So organizers had to pull the plug on this one, at least, for now. 

South by Southwest was also canceled in late February. Other conferences like Game Developers Conference, Mobile World Congress, Facebook's F8 developer conference, Google's Cloud Next conference, and even E3 had no green light for their operation to continue.

All the events were held online for all to see, provided that all the critical events continued one way or another, but with the safety of the people, their number one concern.

David Glanzer, who is the spokesperson for the organization said, "Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, and while we are saddened to take this action, we know it's the right decision," and added, "We eagerly look forward to the time when we can all meet again and share in the community we all love and enjoy."

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