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Netflix adds screen lock failsafe on the Android side of things to prevent unwanted pauses to your binge-watching self. 

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Thank Netflix For Thinking About A Solution Many People Have Had Issues With

As you may well know how annoying accidental pauses can be, especially when you're binge-watching your favorite series. Netflix has answered your prayers by implementing a new failsafe method to do just that! Prevent unwanted pauses, it's only out for Android, however.

Netflix has placed a new screen lock support feature on the Android side of things, which prevents accidental touches while binging on your Android device. The feature is now available for use, and you can check it out yourself due to them implementing a server-side update, according to 9to5Google

Users who prefer logging on to the OTT platform using their smartphones and beaming it to their Smart tv's or through the use of some casting device would find this new feature very convenient. 

The feature turns off all-on screen controls when it is active, leaving only just one button that enables you to unlock the screen. Pretty simple, but highly effective.

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Other Important Things You Need To Know

You need to go through a two-step process to be able to confirm the need to unlock the controls via tapping twice the screen. Once the screen lock feature is active, other controls like play, rewind, pause, forward and playback, subtitles, and all that jazz are all disabled. 

There is a small thing you can do. However, you can zoom in and zoom out, or even use Android navigation buttons or gestures to be able to exit the content. But for most of the features, screen lock prevents accidental touches for almost all, which can be quite tedious on handheld devices. This new update is all due to the nature of how close your fingers are to the screen when watching at any given time on your handheld device.

Of course, the feature is not entirely fool-proof; however, it is one significant improvement that you never thought you needed until you got it. That's what Netflix did for you, the lucky recipient of this update. Gone are the days you accidentally skip to the next episode when all you wanted to do was pause the show.

What About Apple Devices? When Can You Expect It The Update to Arrive?

The feature is coming to iOS phones shortly, and it won't be any different from what Android is currently enjoying. Just be sure to be ready for that update when it hits iOS devices to enjoy that tap-free streaming Netflix offers the masses. There is nothing better to do anyway, nowadays, with how things are. Stay safe, everyone. 

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