On Thursday, Apr. 23, the United States administration led by President Donald Trump suggested ways to kill Coronavirus in the country. One of the main suggestions revolves around the idea that heat can instantly kill Coronavirus within two minutes of direct sunlight exposure. Is this true? 

U.S. Officials suggest sunlight may kill Coronavirus; Summer season, the best solution? 

COVID- 19 Update: Virus Dies in 2 Minutes When Faced on Direct Sunlight Says US Official
(Photo : Hannah Mckay on Reuters )
COVID- 19 Update: Virus Dies in 2 Minutes When Faced on Direct Sunlight Says US Official

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Bill Bryan, the head of the science and technology directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, explains the idea of heat against the virus. The official said that solar light, along with high temperature and humidity, causes a "powerful effect" against any viruses found in the human body. 

"Coronavirus dies at a much more rapid pace when exposed to sunlight and humidity," Bryan said during the White House briefing. "The virus dies the quickest in direct sunlight. Isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds." 

Interestingly, the official suggests that once a person gets exposed with direct sunlight or any powerful heat, the virus may be killed instantly-- specifically within two minutes. 

Bryan also cited researchers that found a similar effect with the coronavirus that was suspended in the air. With their experiment in a dark room, the virus maintained half its strength for an hour. But when the virus got exposed to sunlight, it lost half its strength in 90 seconds. 

If this is true, the findings can now be compared to other viral diseases like influenza, that also shows less contagious ability in warm weather. 

Is Summer the best solution vs. coronavirus?

Though Bryan suggested that heat may kill the virus, he also reiterated that proper practice of social distancing and hygienic processes are still the best way to fight against COVID-19-- even when the summer season comes.

Agreeing to this idea was Vice President Mike Pence. He said on earlier Thursday that Coronavirus may slowly weaken during the summer season, especially by the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. 

"If you look at the trends today, I think by Memorial Day Weekend we will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us," said Pence, who is the chairman of the White House coronavirus task force. "State and local officials will begin to reopen activities, you're going to see states ahead here begin to do that." 

Though both officials claim the same idea, US President Trump warns his officials to be careful with each of their claims. Back then, the President also said the same principle of heating the virus, but then got criticized by the masses and other experts.

"I once mentioned that maybe it does go away with heat and light. And people didn't like that statement that much," he said at the briefing. 

Some states in the country are now slowly getting back on opening local businesses. However, Trump said that Americans should still practice social distancing until the virus officially dies. 

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