'Star Wars Episode III' To Debut In 3D: Wooden Acting So Real, You'll Get Splinters!


If you find yourself in Anaheim in mid-April, you'll likely stumble across Star Wars Celebration: an annual event celebrating everything about the legendary blockbuster franchise. There's plenty going on, but the annual screening of the films is special this year, because instead of simply watching all of the movies, Celebration is adding in a special 3D viewing session!

No, this won't be a screening of the original movies (a.k.a. the films people want to watch), but 3D conversions of the Prequel Trilogy. Now you can watch the worst of the franchise in a format that many people find needlessly obtuse and uncomfortable. It's like getting kicked in the groin while doing your taxes! 

The 3D conversions of the Star Wars prequels will debut at the Star Wars Celebration this April, though Disney has yet to announce any plans for a home media release. While it's strange that the Prequels are being converted into 3D, it'd be even stranger for Disney to hold back on releasing them for home viewing. It's almost inevitable; the studio wouldn't go through the effort of converting three separate movies into 3D for a single string of showings. Again, Disney has yet to make any official announcements, but it's highly likely that the 3D versions will see a boxed release sometime in the future.

There's no telling if watching the Prequels in 3D will be any less painful of an experience, but at the very least, it could make some of the CGI-fests in Episodes II and III a bit more bearable to watch.

Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III in 3D will make their debut at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, from April 16-19.

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