The 5G coronavirus conspiracies have done it once again! They destroyed over 77 mobile towers in the United Kingdom, and more reports are coming through.

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5G Conspiracy Theorists Still Continue To Wreak Havoc

Since the 5G conspiracy has been established in the U.K., almost 80 mobile towers had been burned down or destroyed as there are people believe in the theory that 5G is killing people about the coronavirus pandemic.

The arson attacks began in earnest in April, with over 77 towers severely damaged. Business Insider was the first to report this citing industry group Mobile U.K.

A spokesperson of Mobile U.K. mentioned that there had been daily attacks amongst the towers that have been very minimal but have not stopped completely.

As of Apr. 21, there have been 40 employees of a U.K. carrier who have been physically or verbally attacked, according to BY CEO Philip Jansen. He said, "We've even had one Openreach engineer stabbed and put in the hospital."

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What Is All The Fuss About?

If you're not aware yet as to what the conspiracy theory regarding COVID-19 and 5G, here's a little background information for you.

They believe that the radio waves from the 5G towers can cause the virus to spread, thus infect people in the area and eventually kill them off slowly. Already, several social media sites and apps have committed themselves in dealing with coronavirus misinformation.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and several others started taking down posts, videos, comments, and whatnot, especially if it's the wrong information regarding the coronavirus to avoid widespread panic and misinformation.

The problem regarding the 5G conspiracy theory may not be limited to the United Kingdom. It seems that it has reached the cold north of Canada. There have been reports from the local police that there have been seven cell towers that were set on fire in the Montreal region.

From those seven damaged cell towers, however, none of them housed 5G technology, reported CTV News.

What's Dangerous About Destroying Mobile Towers

Mobile towers are used more often now and sometimes for emergencies since landlines are not as used as they were before. With the reduction of those mobile towers, it would be especially difficult for family members or people who are in need to reach the proper authorities.

Some of those mobile towers destroyed are connected to hospitals, and relief efforts will be severely compromised if left unprotected. The reason why dealing with the misinformation that 5G is linked to the coronavirus pandemic is crucial.

Out of fear, people choose to believe that the conspiracy is true despite several scientists and experts to have repeatedly stated that there is no need to worry about the radio waves emitted by the towers.

Thankfully, more people don't believe in the conspiracy and choose to stay indoors until the danger has passed. So for now, stay home and keep safe.

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