OnePlus 8 Pro isn't just the fastest Android phone out there, it also has a camera that can see through any plastic materials. Videos and images were leaked online showing how the device's camera has an additional filter used like an 'x-ray.' How does this work?

This phone has a real 'X-Ray' camera; How far can it see?

The newest OnePlus 8 Pro was released in the United States market last month. Despite its still early launched, the device has now garnered interested buyers especially with what it can offer or what it upgraded from the standard, OnePlus 8.

One thing that blew the minds of most of its users is a feature that can only be used on its camera mode. Apparently, the new OnePlus 8 Pro has something up its sleeve like an 'x-ray' filter on its camera.

Interestingly, this device has a camera filter that sees through an object. Unfortunately, the 'x-ray' mode can only see-through plastic-made materials-- and nothing else.

How does this happen?

For those of you asking how this device came up with this technology, it is pretty simple. According to Android Police, the Photochrom filter processes infrared light.

With the help of its post-processing technology, images were taken using the filter resulted in weird false-color images of the item. However, as explained, not all items can be filtered with the camera mode.

Thin plastic-made materials are commonly the types of plastic that the filter can see-through. If the item also does not have an IR shield, the 'x-ray' mode can easily be seen through your OnePlus 8 Pro.

IR light is essentially electromagnetic radiation capable of penetrating certain materials. Other lightwaves can't, so the camera can be used for this one.

Other tech writers and experts also commended what OnePlus 8 Pro done with its camera. Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers said that the filter is not a gimmick, but simply a fun way to spend your time during the lockdown.

 Another famous mobile tech Ben Geskin also made a video by himself, capturing how the filter works for him and his Apple TV box.

OnePlus 8 Pro specs and prices

The United States markets are now open to purchase the newest OnePlus 8 Pro. So if you're thinking about trying the filter yourself, you might have to check the stores near you. 

According to The Verge, OnePlus 8 Pro varies price at $899. The price was high if compared to other OnePlus smartphones. However, if you're going to compare it to other brands, nearly $900 is already a lower price.

This device runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and has a 5G connection. It has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, and the 12GB and 256GB storage OnePlus 8 Pro goes for $999.00. 

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