OnePlus To Begin Manufacturing Smartphones In India With Foxconn


OnePlus is set to start manufacturing phones in India in partnership with Foxconn, which will see the company making phones for the Indian market.

The company will begin assembling phones in the state of Andhra Pradesh by the end of the year. Foxconn will also be building phones for Asus and Xiaomi.

The move by OnePlus is being supported by Make In India, a program started by the Indian government in at attempt to spur manufacturing of products in India.

Unfortunately, those living in India waiting for an easier way to buy a OnePlus phone might have to wait a little longer, with OnePlus noting that the demand for OnePlus phones continues to be far more than the supply. Not only that, but the company will continue to keep sales under tight control by only offering its device through invitation.

Of course, manufacturing phones locally will help the company avoid some serious import duties, and CEO Vikas Agarwal has suggested that the lack of import duties could translate to lower prices for customers. It might also mean quick availability for the phones.

OnePlus has been gaining in popularity all over the world, and is known for offering a flagship phone at a much lower price than other companies. It also recently launched its OnePlus 2 smartphone, featuring a Snapdragon 810 processor and OxygenOS, OnePlus' Android variant.

Via: TheNextWeb

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