There's no getting around it: Batman: Arkham Knight is absolutely gorgeous. The game's not even out yet, and it's still one of the best looking titles in the industry. Think about it: everything fans have seen up until this point has been taken from unfinished versions of the game. While there's a chance that the game's assets could be compressed for the final version, it's far more likely that it is only going to look even better when June finally rolls around.

If there's any one thing that players want to see more of, it's the Arkham Knight. The big baddy's name is in the title, yet Rocksteady Studios has yet to offer even the slightest hints at the villain's identity. While it might not be an answer to who's behind the mask, newly revealed screenshots do show off a bit more of Batman's newest adversary:

The screenshots appear to be a scan, possibly from an as-of-yet unreleased issue of a foreign magazine. The images originated from a Russian website, and even though they aren't the best quality, they still look fantastic. It's one of the best looks fans have gotten of the Arkham Knight in action, and it's easy to imagine just how much fun it'll be to go one-on-one with him.

Of course, fans are no closer to solving the mystery of the man behind the Arkham Knight armor, but it's still great to see the villain go one-on-one with the Dark Knight. Up until now, Rocksteady has shown the Arkham Knight in a much more administrative role, sending robotic tanks and hired thugs to take out Batman. While many assumed that the Arkham Knight would eventually be one of the game's bigger fights, these screenshots essentially confirm it.

If there's any negative here, it's that the game is still nearly six months from release - Batman: Arkham Knight is set to debut on June 2.

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