What happens when cosplay meets new technology? For one UK cosplayer, it means a brand new 3-D printed batsuit.

Stevie Dee, who is not just an avid costumer, but also a CGI artist, recently turned to 3-D printing to bring life to one of his favorite costumes. So after designing the suit via 3-D modeling, he worked with Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX, two 3-D costume and prop printing companies.

The result is probably the most accurate cosplay batsuit to date. This particular costume is the one worn by Batman in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game.

"It started with my love of Batman about three years ago, to which I bought my first Batsuit," says Dee. "With the advent of 3-D printing I figured I could use my 3-D skills to push my costuming forward and start designing my own costumes. I literally don't have any time to make and sell these myself, so it works out well when you have friends who know what to do and can help."

Although Dee points out that the colors aren't the same as the standard issue suit in Arkham Origins, the final 3-D printed batsuit is as accurate as possible to the Dark Knight "skin" players get with 100 percent game completion. He also noted that although the costume is mostly comfortable, he still can't bend at the waist while wearing it.

The detail in the costume is nearly unprecedented. But this experiment just goes to show how 3-D printing is going to possibly change not just film costuming, but also cosplay, especially as home 3-D printers become less expensive over the next few years.

As with any costume, Dee is proud of his work, although he stated that this particular project "destroyed" his free time.

"This suit was not just 3-D printed and worn," says Dee. "A lot of work, love, blood, sweat and tears went into it to get it to what it is now."

Of course, if you don't want to figure out how to design and 3-D print such a costume yourself, you can always contact Gauntlet FX and order one on commission.

Like any cosplayer, Dee is already designing future costumes, including the Deathstroke and Arkham Knight armor from Arkham Origins.

[Photo Credit: Crimson Coscrafts]

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