Destiny 2 developer, Bungie, has officially confirmed that the new "The Lie" quest is bugged, which is part of the community event they have set up for the game and its players.

Destiny 2 Has a Buggy Quest

According to a report by GameRant, the bug happens after progressing from Seraph Tower, and the shotgun kills part of the quest as some players would find themselves on the Moon right in front of Eris.

It seems like every Destiny 2 player partaking in the quest has experienced this, and it turns out that it should not happen at all as the "The Tyrant" mission should happen next, and players are spawned at its beginning.

With that, Bungie community manager Dylan Gafner confirmed that those who spawn in front of Eris are in a "bugged state."

Bungie is investigating and trying to find out if there's any player who hasn't experienced the bug. As of now, it seems like a game-wide occurrence.

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When Will the Fix Arrive?

There is also no report as to when they will fix this part of Destiny 2. Still, it might roll out this Monday or sooner, primarily as it's affecting the community event and the gameplay experience of all players.

Because of this, players won't be able to acquire the Felwinter's Lie shotgun as they can't complete "The Lie" quest until the developers troubleshoot it.

That could be a big bummer for many fans as Felwinter's Lie shotgun is one of Destiny 1's best shotguns for PvP with its Shot Package perk.

Nevertheless, some Destiny 2 players who are partaking in the community event believe it has been bugged since the start, with some fans reporting that when they were loading the mission called "The Tyrant," there is no quest directive or marker.

In addition, the game has been spawning players at the start of the quest instead of the landing zone of the destination.

As of writing, Bungie hasn't fixed the problem yet but is likely working on a solution.

This wasn't the first issue Destiny 2 players had with "The Lie" quest since, according to a previous article by Forbes, it has been nerfed in a few different ways as it was apparently too difficult to surpass.

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Is the Event Flopping?

Meanwhile, Happy Gamer reported that the progress for the game's community event is incredibly slow, which could mean not many players are joining in.

Since it's a community event, players would have to work together.

Nevertheless, the progress towards completion is slow, with the news outlet reporting only a 1% increase in around 16 hours for one of the locations.

However, it is unlikely that Destiny 2 players are getting bored of the game since players have been flooding the servers just to play, which means the problem lies somewhere, and it could be because of the event's buggy state.

Happy Gamer also believes it might be because players aren't exactly keen on grinding Seraph Towers or Felwinter's Lie shotgun may not be enough incentive for other players to participate in the event.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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