As the pandemic cripples public transportation and clouds us with fear of getting infected, most people have traded driving their four-wheels to bicycles. However, the sudden surge in demand for bicycles leads to a shortage of supply.

If having a new bike is not possible, an alternative is to get an old bike and fix it. Look in the garage or find a good deal on Craigslist. The Inventory has listed some basics to keep us cruising the town.

Bike Saddle

B17 Short Saddle ($93 - Amazon)

There are some good deals in Facebook Marketplace that might have a decent saddle, but there are no indications on how long someone has used it or how it can be used. Grabbing a new saddle will not just make sure you are starting fresh and clean, so it is also a fun way to give a bike a bit of character.

Try out B17 Short from Brooks England--it is made of leather, and it takes a while to break in. It might not feel great at first, but it later smoothly sails after a few rides across the town.

Bike Wheels

Maxxis Ardent EXO Tubeless Tire ($50 - Amazon)

Stans NoTubes Tire Sealant ($20 - Amazon)

If the bicycle has been resting for quite a while, its wheels are likely to get squashed need some love and care. The bike wheel depends on the bike's wheel size and whether tubeless or not. Try the Maxxis tubeless tires, which are lightweight and durable to withstand even the bumpiest trails. Match it with a good sealant like the Stans No Tubes to ensure that flats can be easily handled, and it is good for up to eight tires.

Bike Rack

Wald Rear Bike Rack ($22 - Amazon)

Wald Giant Delivery Basket ($45 - Amazon)

It is better to have commuter bikes to move around with a nice rack to help us carry all the gear across town with ease. Lots of racks are chosen, but it is worth picking out a durable one that will keep their stuff secure.

Wald racks since they are sturdy enough to hold a decent amount of weight and make a slick addition to a bike's aesthetic. Their Giant Delivery Basket is almost comically large, but it is built to carry some serious cargo.

Great Grip

Wald City Bicycle Mid-Rise Handlebar ($22 - Amazon)

Having good pair handlebars is great. However, it is also a lot of fun to convert an old bike into a commuter bike. Switch up the handlebars to give a more upright position, which makes it more comfortable for city riding. It provides more control over the bike while sitting upright.

Handlebars from Wald are affordable, sturdy, and easy to install, but make sure that they are compatible with your gear shifts. Also, Velo Orange grips are cheap and easy to need them to be a bit shorter.


Light & Motion Urban 700 Bicycle Headlight ($70 - Amazon)

Biking is fun, but the roads can also be super dangerous. Having lights help cars see trailing and keep drivers from getting any citations since many states require to have lights on the bike. It is better to get brighter lights than the legal requirement. The Urban 700 from Light & Motion may not be the cheapest, but safety is worth the extra bucks. It emits up to 700 lumens, allowing cars to know where the bike is and lights up the path.

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