The automobile market in the United Kingdom has also been affected by the rising cases of COVID-19, similar to other cities in Europe. However, the U.K. Prime Minister has stimulus measures to curb this.

According to a report on Engadget, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is looking at electric vehicles to replace combustion engine cars to revitalize the car market since the pandemic. Media outlets such as Reuters also revealed that Johnson and his team are drafting measures to pay car drivers in order for them to exchange their engine cars with E.V.s. 

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How much are U.K. drivers receiving?

Around $7,500 or up to £6,000 are lined up to be given away to drivers in the country, provided they exchange their current combustion engine cars with electric vehicles. These types of cars make use of one or more electric motors, otherwise known as traction motors, for propulsion. 

They are powered via collector systems from off-car sources, or self-contained with solar panels, electric generators, and batteries. These convert their fuel to electricity. 

More details are to be announced by the office of the Prime Minister on July 6, the report added. The plan is also a stimulus that will drive the car market forward, with the aim to recover as the lockdown and quarantine measures ease. 

Will it boost the British economy? Yes, theoretically speaking. This pragmatic move from the government will be of advantage for brands such as Mini, Jaguar, and those that manufacture electric vehicles in the local market. These incentives may also help drivers fulfill their long-term goals.

To review, the United Kingdom is also seeking to prohibit the sales of these combustion cars by 2035. Aside from the emerging market for electric cars, it will also be sustainable for the environment. The interest in these electric vehicles is still far-fetched, but efforts are continuing to convince them to choose these types of cars due to their lower running costs. 

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Challenges in implementation

There are challenges in implementing these measures. The charging infrastructure is said to be growing, and it is unclear whether there are sufficient stations, or adequately prepared electrical grids to handle the growing demand. 

Consumers must also be in the mood to purchase these cars, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Should the U.K. push through with the idea, it will become a pattern for several other countries to follow. 

Best-selling electric car 

In another report on Driving Electric, Tesla Model 3 is ahead of the charts as the bestselling electric car in the U.K., with more than 850 registrations. 

The car market in the country was down at around 90 percent in May 2020 compared to the same month in 2019. The figures are worrying, but these measures are expected to provide solutions to these changes in the numbers. 

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