Sleep Number brought the smart bed at last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with its Sleep Number IQ. It promised users a good night's rest by tracking sleep patterns and providing automatic adjustments so the bed feels more comfortable.

Building on the success of this product, the company presented yet another smart bed at the 2015 CES happening in Las Vegas, but this time it is designed for the kids.

Just like its predecessor, the SleepIQ Kids bed will monitor the child's sleep patterns, assigning a "SleepIQ" score based on the heart rate, breathing and movement of the child without the need to turn on or wear any device.

Parents can then see the score and get a better grasp of their child's sleeping patterns. Older kids can also check out the data and manage their sleep schedules.

Based on a national survey conducted by the company, most parents have difficulty ensuring that their kids get sufficient quality sleep at night. Nearly 80 percent of them said that sleep affects the performance of their child at school. Sixty-eight percent, on the other hand, reported that sleep impacts the extracurricular activities of their child.

Sleep Number said that its new product can help parents learn more about their children's sleep and how this affects their day, and also give them and their child the tools needed to improve sleep.

"The SleepIQ Kids bed turns bedtime into quality time, making it a fun, enjoyable experience," said Sleep Number chief product officer Annie Bloomquist. "It shows parents and kids how to achieve great sleep habits with smart features that help guide and coach, giving kids a great night's sleep tonight to [help them] be their best tomorrow."

The bed's connected sleep dashboard does not only allow parents to monitor how their child sleeps. It can also alert them when their child is out of bed or if there is a lot of movement going on, indicating that the child is restless.

The bed likewise has a head-tilt feature, which can be very handy when reading bedtime stories. It also features under-bed lights that activate when the child gets up. Parents can also turn the lights off remotely.

Sleep Number says that its SleepIQ Kids bed is currently the only bed that adjusts with a child as he grows. With its price starting at $1,000, the smart bed for kids will be available in twin, full and queen sizes.

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