How to Be A Fierce Entrepreneur in A Time of Crisis?
(Photo : How to Be A Fierce Entrepreneur in A Time of Crisis?)

Working as an entrepreneur is not easy. Sometimes its feel like you are on a mission without any protection. The world is going through crisis these days, Covid-19 is increasing day by day that is affecting entrepreneurs. The economy of the world is also facing crisis as well as businesses. Some people may feel there is no direction to follow right now because the plans they had to flourish their business has taken a break, even people and businesses who were Moving to California has postponed their plan. But if someone wants to see, there are plenty of options available. One just has to wander.

Don't think it's impossible to do a business during this. Well, more fierce challenges has more fierce chances to grow. To get yourself out from all of these things running in your mind, I have noted some points for you. These following are going to help gain back your enthusiasm. Tidy up yourself and get yourself in work.  The best time is this time. 

Crisis effect on jobs

According to the latest study of an organization agency, they had taken the measurements about people who lost their job the global lockdown is affecting around 2.7 Billion employees. The ratio can get increased.

Global unemployment at risk

At the start of 2020, lLO director did a videoconference in Geneva on Tuesday. Ryder took notes about the unemployment. When COVID-19 wasn't affecting people worldwide, there was around 190 million of unemployment existing.

The most suffering field due to this pandemic is business field. World has faced extraordinary fall in business both nationally and internationally. As crucial COVID-19 is becoming, unemployment is also rising at its peak. According to another study, the businesses that were involved in trading has reduced staff level. The business that are continued has also reduced their working hours.

Tips to become a fierce entrepreneur

Get used to adaptation

Adapting yourself to sudden change or gradual change is the sign that you can run your life and business in any situation. It can be challenging to go towards a totally unknown service, but if it is helping to meet your requirements then why not adapting it. You can never allow yourself to leave these opportunities behind. You can always proceed thinking that everything does not go as planned. Any change or deviation can happen, and you can have crisis. But it's never late to adapt a change; it's in human nature that they can mold themselves according to the situation. But be in your right mindset. 

Welcome the digital world

This is not something new that you can run out of the required things anytime. But in this pandemic, it is a shock. Maybe you need bricks for a house project, but there is no local store available for this. There are always hundreds of options available for one problem and now a days the best solution is digital world. If you cannot have access to anything, you can find it online. If your store and organization is not available for customers, why not selling it online or even delivering it? The food restaurants are also having advantage from online means. They are at their best service to provide their customers with sandwiches, salads and junk food. Even groceries are available online.

Consider all these aspects and plan what you should do to proceed your business further. If you are into garments store, go for ecommerce and launch your boutique there. To increase and attract your customers, make a sale and have a free trial of 7 days. If you are a gym instructor and there is no one coming to work-out, you can make yourself available for them through WhatsApp and zoom video calls. You can continue your sections through these means. If you are an interior designers, make yourself available for specific duration of time so that your clients can consult you and you can have a look at their home too. The best way to make this idea flourish is advertising it on social media apps or making page there.

Maintain loyal relation with customers

The chances of online sale has become higher, so, the chance of getting deceived are also higher. Everyone is suffering this and it is getting harder to trust an online shop. Maintain a healthy and loyal relation with your clients. You know that your business runs because of the customers and if you are not loyal to them you are at great loss. Your clients are the best ambassadors you can have, if you have gained their trust you can progress. The person you are selling your product is at other end. He has to trust to fulfill his needs. If you take advantage of this situation and deliver product of poor quality, don't think that person will contact you ever again. Keep yourself in contact with your clients and be soft to them this is what they need.

Everyone in spending most of his time online scrolling through the media. This is the best time to advertise your content. You can keep on sharing your content and your contact so they can contact you right-after seeing them.

Make yourself more creative

Train your mind to work in different way. This pandemic can make you more creative because no one is interested in watching the same type of data every time. I am not saying to completely change your idea or products but do something new with them. For instance you can change the presentation. Presentation is the first thing someone notices and get attracted to.

Keep collaborating:

Keeping in contact with your employees is must. You can make a group where you can have conference calls to keep yourself updated about every ups and down your organization is facing. E-mail every detail because it is the best formal way.

Keep the enthusiasm alive

If you are not enthusiastic about your business, you are not in your interested business and you have to give a thought about being at right place. Entrepreneurship is all about passion. Passion can drive you crazy but in a positive way and can take you to the heights where it will be difficult to approach you. Don't let your passion go. This is the only force of inspiration that keeps you going. Be interested in what you are doing and do experiments. Don't afraid to take risks as they are the sign of a progression. Set your goal, keep yourself focused and don't forget your direction. Never adapt the direction that is leaving your other important things behind. Know if you can bear the loss and then move forward. Make a layout and follow it and be prepared of the loss.

Adapt yourself to the latest trends in a commanding way.

Latest trends can be difficult to understand and adapt. Once you adapt them they can be of great use to you. If you know how to manage your business according to the latest trends, you are of great advantage because you know the subject of interest of the audience. You can also know about the position of your business. If it is not up to latest requirements than you are lacking. Make your service fast and better. This is not the era of letters, everything is accessible in a quick span of time. Make your brand available and famous by tricking the mind of clients and by gaining the trust of customers. Maybe when the lockdown lifts, you have a pool of orders to complete. This is the best time to utilize and transform your business. You can take it on peak by making your product available in person and online.

Know how to recover from crisis.

Know what to do when you face crisis. Except from demeaning on your loss, plan it out what should be done in this time. Always have a Plan B with you. This means you are handling your business appropriately.

Keep your mind open and stay positive.

Remember you can always recover from the loss. The most important thing is how you react to the loss. Meditate to keep your energy positive because the world is getting scary. There is no denying in the fact that entrepreneurship is challenging and difficult. But think where you could be when world recovers from this. Will you be a successful entrepreneur or a struggling one?

Never quit

Struggle can never be easy. It can take precious things from you but once you get the reward everything will be worth it. You just never get dis-heart and never stop your attempts. There will be days when you will think you can go insane. There will be days when you fell that you can be on peak. You just need your internal energy to be alive. You think yourself if you are doing things right or you need to put more efforts in it. First know yourself. Know what you want and what you need to know. Continue to, rise, learn, and be at liberty to consider yourself as one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the market.

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