TIME reported China is seeing a rise in new and fresh COVID-19 cases for two months since the conception of the coronavirus, prompting the capital city Beijing to intensify its measures. 

Following the seafood market outbreak in Wuhan, the local health officials recorded 57 official new cases within a day after one of the districts declared itself in "wartime" Saturday following the quick rise in infections, particularly at the Xinfadi market.

The cluster of cases, the first in Beijing, increased in mainland China, going at around 83,000. Deaths are now at almost 5,000 in China, the country where the pandemic came from in December 2019.

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South Korea infections

Meanwhile, in South Korea, COVID-19 cases are also on the rise after easing the lockdowns out of a highly-recognized testing and tracing process. South Korean health officials reported 34 new cases on Sunday, adding in the current upward trend. There are now a total of about 12,085 cases in the country.

In the greater Seoul area, there are 30 new coronavirus cases. This is the area where half of the nation's 51 million people are residing. The rise of new cases has been linked to party-goers at night, church mass gatherings, eCommerce warehouses, and door-to-door transactions. 

This results in new efforts from the government to revise preventing measures, further implementing stricter control, and asking for the public not to forget wearing face masks and avoid large gatherings.

Around the world

Across the globe, the pandemic is bringing in more cases and infections in the continent of South America and South Asia. In Brazil, coming in second to the United States in terms of the number of infections, there are now about 43,000 deaths. 

Meanwhile, in Chile, health minister Jaime Mañalich has resigned over controversies surrounding the death toll, which is now more than 3,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. 

India is also recording a large jump in the cases on Saturday, with more than 11,000 new cases, taking the total to more than 300,000, health ministry information revealed. 

On Sunday, the total number of coronavirus cases is now approaching 7.8 million, with some nations in the European Union seeking to reopen internal borders after the authorities urged for a "relaxation of restrictions," the report added. 

In the United Kingdom, some businesses planned reopening on Monday, provided they will adhere to the COVID-19 measures. The prime minister, Boris Johnson expressed his desire to restart the economy that has been shut down since the country was placed in lockdown since March. 

In the countries of Ireland, Denmark, Spain, and Belgium, the authorities have relaxed rules, loosening limitations on public gatherings, with the opening of some restaurants and bars. Across the United States, establishments are gradually re-opening, but after the increase in the cases, states like Oregon and Utah postponed the re-opening. In New York City, people have been returning to work. 

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