Big smartphone companies like Huawei and Samsung already have their entries for the foldable phone category. Now, it seems like Apple is following suit as, according to some rumors, the company is allegedly working on a foldable iPhone. 

Is Apple Working on a Foldable iPhone?

According to a report by MacRumors, the foldable iPhone is said to have two separate panels that will be connected by a hinge instead of a single display like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The information came from Jon Prosser, a YouTube personality and a prominent leaker of tech-related devices, including Android phones and, more recently, Apple products.

Prosser shared the information via his official Twitter account and also through a YouTube video.

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Round Edges with No Notch

In addition, the internet personality also shared a few more information, including the round, stainless steel edges of the alleged foldable iPhone, which is similar to the design of the current iPhone 11.

If it were true, it would likely be different from the iPhone 12 that the company is developing lately.

In another leak reported by 9to5Mac, the molds for the iPhone 12 and CAD renders show that the device will have flat edges, which is similar to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 designs as well as the most recent iPad Pro.

Besides the edges, Prosser also said that the new foldable iPhone would have no notch.

Instead, the device will have a "tiny forehead" on the outer display that will house the Face ID and, most likely, the front selfie camera.

Apparently, several followers have been creating memes after the information was shared online, showing that the new foldable iPhone would look like two separate phones glued together, primarily because of the separate panels.

Nevertheless, Prosser promised that it wouldn't be anything like that.

He said that if unfolded, the new device from Apple would have a continuous and seamless look and that the device would look similar to Microsoft's Surface Duo and Surface Neo, as noted by Gizmodo, which have the same separate panels.

When Will the Device Come Out?

So, when will the device come out? Will it be iPhone 13 or iPhone 14?

Unfortunately, there is no information as to when it might come out, but according to the rumors, the company has been working on it since 2016 and has created a number of patents.

Seemingly coinciding with the rumor is a patent that came out March of this year, describing a device with two separate displays which can be brought together by a hinge to create a single, bendable device.

Will it come out next year or in two years or at least out of the prototyping stage?

As of now, we don't know, and unsure, especially as everything that's out on the internet could be rumors.

With that said, nothing has been confirmed, and unless Apple makes the announcement confirming any foldable iPhone being developed or launching, take the news with a pinch of salt.

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